Sweet: Make Mango Raskadam Laddu at home this season, you will not forget the taste

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Summer season and it is also called mango season. Mangoes are available in large quantities in the market these days and many varieties of them are available. Mango is liked by everyone and the dish made from it is also liked by everyone to a great extent. But have you ever tried mango laddus?

Today we are going to tell you about ‘Mango Raskadam Laddu’ recipe through Cook with Parul. You will neither need mawa, nor condensed milk nor ghee to make this. It is so amazing in test that everyone will like it. From children to elders, no one will be able to forget its taste. So let’s know about this recipe…

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material quantity
Ripe mango 400 grams
milk 1.5 cups
Sugar 1/2 cup (5 tbsp)
dry coconut powder 2 cups

to fill
Cashew nuts 4 tbsp
Almonds 1 tbsp
sugar powder 1 tbsp


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