Surya Namaskar will maintain refresh throughout the day, mind will remain calm with yoga

Today on Sunday, in the Live Yoga Session, we did a lot of micro exercises to keep the body healthy and flexible. The practice of Surya Namaskar on this day is special. Yoga transmits energy throughout the body. Yoga is very important to keep the body fit and healthy. Doing this not only keeps the physical health good, but it also makes mental health better. Yoga posture is very important to get rid of stiffness in the body after getting up in the morning and to stay refreshed throughout the day. With their help, not only can many diseases be prevented, but they can also be overcome. By doing yoga, the body gets energy and the mind remains calm. Before exercise, keep these three rules in mind that take good long and deep breaths in it, follow the pace and do yoga according to your ability.

Surya Namaskar
Surya Namaskar is considered the most powerful among all yogasanas. Surya Namaskar is a yoga that keeps you physically and mentally healthy. Very few people know the right way to do Surya Namaskar.

Greetings To do this asana, first of all, join your two paws and stand on the edge of your asana mat. Then raise both hands parallel to the shoulder and put the entire weight on both feet equally. The sides of both palms stick to each other and stand in a posture of salutation.

Hand-gun To do this asana, take a deep breath and raise both hands upwards. Now, while bending the hands and waist, tilt both arms and neck also backwards.

Handmade posture In this posture, while exhaling, slowly lean forward towards the bottom. Rotate both your hands near the ears and touch the ground.

Horse Steering Posture In this posture, keep your palms on the ground, take the right foot backwards while breathing and keep the left foot up by bending from the knee. Lift the neck upwards and stay in this position for a while.

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Mountain posture While doing this asana, take a breath, move the left leg back and keep the whole body in a straight line and keep your hands straight on the ground.

Ashtanga Namaskar- While doing this asana, keep both your knees on the ground and exhale. Raise your hips upwards and touch your chest and chin with the ground and stay in this position for a while.

Bhujang posture While doing this asana, slowly move your chest forward while exhaling. Keep hands straight on the ground. Tilt the neck backwards and keep both the legs upright.

Benefits of Surya Namaskar
By doing Surya Namaskar, stress is removed, body detox occurs and obesity decreases. It is very beneficial for women who have menstrual problems. The spine is strong.

Lie on the mat directly on your back and close your eyes. Keep your feet relaxed and relaxed. The soles of the feet and fingers should be upwards. Place the palms upwards keeping the hands next to them. Focusing on every part of the body from the feet, slowly exhale in and out. Slowly reduce it. When there is relief in the body, then close the eyes and rest in the same posture for a while.

Anulom vilom pranayam
First of all sit in sukhasana by beating the palathi. After this, hold your right nostril with the right thumb and breathe in with the left nostril. Now close the left nostril with the ring finger. After this, open the right nostril and exhale. Now breathe in from the right nostril and repeat the same process and exhale through the left nostril.

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Benefits of anulom vilom pranayama
Lungs are strong
The body does not get sick quickly in the changing season.
Helpful in reducing weight
Makes the digestive system fit
Helpful to relieve stress or depression
Also beneficial for arthritis

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