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digital desk, New Delhi. The Taliban is now clearly disintegrating. As the organization seeks sympathy from China, their infantry and field commanders are calling for jihad against the Chinese government, citing the persecution of Uighurs and other Muslims in the restive Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR).

They are accusing the top Taliban leadership of not defending their Xinjiang Muslim brothers who are lodged in China. They are also angry with China for blocking a Quran app last month. This app is trusted by more than 25 million Muslims around the world and they use it to read or listen to Quran recitation during daily prayers and watch live coverage of Hajj rituals from Mecca Medina.

According to an Iraqi news website, these Taliban fighters have joined the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISIS-K) to raise their voice against the fascist regime and free Muslims from the tyranny of the Chinese government.

The report quoted Mohajer, a Taliban field commander in Afghanistan’s Herat province, as saying that China is openly insulting virtues and sanctities and prosecuting its Muslim population. The time has come for Jihad against the Chinese government. As long as we do not use force to suppress the Chinese Communist regime, this government will not stop atrocities on the Muslim population of the country.

According to the website, most Taliban fighters share the same sentiments. He said that China is an enemy of Muslims, but the Taliban government is openly luring the Chinese government to get cash.

Another Taliban fighter, Omar Mutasim, says friendship and intimacy with a government whose hands are stained with Muslim blood is forbidden.

Although China has not yet recognized the Taliban government, it is associated with the Taliban and is pushing the world to mainstream the Taliban. China is concerned about insurgency in the Uyghur-dominated Xinjiang region.

The East Turkmenistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is a Uyghur Islamic fundamentalist organization that operates from the Sino-Afghanistan border areas of Badakhshan Province. It is said that there are still more than 2000 fighters in it. In return for its support to the Taliban, China sought assurances from the organization that it would not allow ETIM to operate from Afghanistan. The Taliban have now told China that ETIM operatives have been pushed to China, where its security forces can deal with the insurgents.

According to Afghan experts, ISIS-K wants to take advantage of the region by being the de facto voice for the Uighurs.

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