Sumitranandan Pant (20 May 1900 – 28 December 1977): know about his compositions and poems

Sumitranandan Pant (20 May 1900 – 28 December 1977): know about his compositions and poems

Sumitranandan Pant (20 May 1900 - 28 December 1977): know how many of his famous compositions and which poems are there

   Hello friends, today is Sumitranandan Pant Ji’s birth anniversary. Sumitranandan Pant, one of the four major pillars of the Chhayawadi era in Hindi literature, was born on 20 May 1900 in Kausani village in Almora district of Uttarakhand. His mother died only 6 hours after his birth. After this he was brought up by his grandmother. He was earlier named Gusai Dutt.

Sumitranandan pant

Changed his name to sumitranandan pant:

   Later he went to Almora to get his education from Government High School. At this, he changed his name from Gusai Pant to Sumitranandan Pant. After this he went to Kashi in 1910 with his middle brother and started studying at Queens College. From there, he passed the high school examination. After passing the examination, he moved to Allahabad to study at Muir College.


Many languages learned at home: Sumitranandan Pant

   He then left the college in 1921 during the Non-Cooperation Movement on Mahatma Gandhi’s call to boycott the Indian from English, schools, colleges, courts, and all other government offices. After which he started studying Hindi, Sanskrit, Bangla, and English language literature at home.


Started writing poetry from the age of 7:

   Sumitranandan Pant Ji at the age of 7 when he was studying in the fourth grade. Since then he started writing poetry. Around 1918, he was recognized as the originator of the new stream of Hindi. His famous poetry collection Pallava was published.


   In 1938 he brought out a progressive monthly paper called Rupabha. Shamsher, Raghupati Sahai, etc. were associated with this letter. His short songs compiled in Vani and Pallava interview Purity. The writings of Yugant’s writings seem to be associated with progressive ideology. He has written around 32 poems.


   Some other works of Sumitranandan Pant are Granthi, Gunjan, Gramya, Yuganta, Swarnakirn, Swarnadhuli, Kala, and Old Moon, Lokayatan, Chitambara, Satyakam, etc. He has published 28 books during his lifetime. Which includes poems, verse plays, and essays.

Awards and honors:

   Sumitranandan Pant Ji received the Padma Bhushan for Hindi literature in 1961. In 1968, he received the Jnanpith Award in 1972 on Jnanpith and Chidambaram, including the Academy Award on Kala and old. Sumitranandan Pant’s house was converted into a museum by the name of Sumitranandan Pant Veethika. In which the shadow images, letters, and awards of their personal items are displayed. It also has a library.


Compositions of Sumitranandan Pant Ji:

Anubhooti, mahatma ji ke prati, moh, saandhy vandana, vaayu ke prati, sooryakaant tripaathee ke prati, aaj rahane do yah grh kaaj, chanchal par deep shikha se, sandhya ke baad,  ve aankhen, vijay, laharon ka geet, yah dharatee kitana detee hai, main sabase chhotee hooon, chaandanee, machhue ka geet, etc.