Sugandha Mishra did not hawk even on the day of marriage, mimicking Lata Mangeshkar and told her why her surname was ‘Bhosle’

Sugandha Mishra is famous for singing Mata Lata Mangeshkar. Recently she is married to Sanket Bhosle. Now he has shared a funny video. In this, he has explained why he took his surname Bhosle. In this video, she looks like a bride. This is a video of their wedding day.

Journey from Didi to Bhosle

Sugandha has given the caption with the video, Journey from Didi to Bhosle. Sugandha seems to be saying, Namaskar, though it was my best effort to join Didi’s family, so I thought that I would bhosle my surname. Because my younger sister is also Bhosle, Sugandha became much closer to Didi. Sugandha Mishra Bhosle.

Trouble increased due to wedding video

Sugandha and Sanket have shared many funny videos since their wedding. Many videos of their marriage have also gone viral on social media. Sugandha and Sanket were married in Punjab. On seeing the wedding videos, he was accused of breaking the Corona Guideline as well as an FIR was also registered. The police had said that a complaint has been filed on the basis of the video, an investigation is being done.

Case filed against Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosle, viral video of marriage became trouble

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