Strong bones: Bones will remain strong even in old age, just start consuming these things from now

Strong bones: To keep bones strong even in old age, you have to include some things in your diet. With this your bones will always be strong.

Along with taking care of our health, it is very important to take care of our bones as well. Because our whole body depends on bones. If the bones are strong, then we can also stand strong. Therefore, include some things in your diet from now on.

To keep bones strong, we need to take vitamins and minerals as well as protein and calcium every day. We can get these things through different sources. Due to this our bones will also be strong and our body will also be healthy. So let’s know what those things are. From whom we will get these things.

Soybean for protein

To keep bones strong, we need adequate amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. For this we should consume soybean. If you cannot eat soybeans directly, then you can also consume soy milk, soya bean.

Eat Oats

Consuming oats is also very beneficial for our bones. Oats should be eaten mixed with milk or milk can also be drunk. You can also consume curd. Because it also contains protein and calcium. Due to which the bones become strong.

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Cheese intake-

Consuming cottage cheese is also beneficial for bones. You can eat cheese in different ways. It can also be used as a vegetable. It provides sufficient amount of protein.

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take the morning sun-

We get vitamin D from sunlight. Due to which the bones become strong. That’s why we should take half an hour of morning sunlight daily.

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Consume dry fruits

Dry fruits also contain sufficient amount of protein and calcium. Therefore, we should consume other dry fruits and nuts including almonds, walnuts. By which our bones remain strong. Along with this, eat green vegetables like spinach, turnip, broccoli etc. They contain a lot of nutrients.

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Exercise daily –

We should make exercise a part of our daily routine to keep ourselves healthy and strong. Exercising for half an hour daily will keep our body strong.


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