Story of shooting chillies in Jodhpur Jail: Two guards tore clothes, women policemen pretended to be injured and drove 16 prisoners

Digital Desk, Raipur. A big disclosure has been made in the case of absconding 16 prisoners from Phalodi jail in Jodhpur by throwing pepper in the eye of a female soldier on Monday night. The initial investigation on Tuesday revealed the escape of the prisoners. The collusion of four policemen has come to light in the case. They have been suspended after investigation.

Suspend all the heroes of the story
The jail’s caretaker jailor Navibux, guards Sunil Kumar, Madanpal Singh and Madhu Devi overpowered the officers to escape the prisoners. All have been suspended when the case is revealed.

This story is film
Soon after the incident, soldiers Madanpal and Rajendra Godara were standing near the injured woman soldier. Then both of them had the right clothes. But, half an hour later, when these two officers came to give a statement, their clothes were torn. They spoke of being in a tizzy with the prisoners, while it was clear from the pictures immediately after that both did not make any attempt to stop the prisoners. Later, both of them tore their uniform and dress and tried to show that they made a lot of effort to stop the prisoners. After this, all four security guards came under suspicion.

Female policeman exaggeratedly told the story
After the prisoners escaped, the lady guard Madhu exaggerated that he tried to stop the prisoners while fleeing. During this, the prisoners picked him up and threw him. This hurt her. Immediately after the incident, he was also hurt and acted strongly to deteriorate his health, but his question was revealed in the questioning.

Inside gate opened, outside gate was not locked
The prison has two gates. There should be a lock on one of the two at the time of detention and evacuation of the detainees, but on Monday, the outer gate was not locked at the time of the incident and the inside gate was opened in the same way. In such a situation, there was neither the need to tear down the walls nor to run any weapon in front of the prisoners.

The sub-jail in the courtyard complex is only to house the detainees under consideration. This jail remains in an area of ​​2400 sq. Ft. This is the SDM court here. There are three barracks in such a small space. Also, there are prison offices and staff quarters.

Was in SDM office but not reported
The jail is 20 feet away from the SDM office. At that time SDM Yashpal Ahuja was in office, but the employees did not inform him of the incident. Neither made a noise nor tried to chase the prisoners.

Capacity of 17, captives were 60, staff only 4 out of 16
The prison inmate has a capacity of 17, but there are always more inmates in the jail. There were 60 prisoners in the jail on Monday. The staff of 16, including the jailer, is approved, but the appointment is only 9. This post is also vacant due to the suspension of the jailor on March 3. There were only 4 employees in the jail at the time of the incident, while 5 are reported to be on leave. There is no separate staffing for the security of the jail.


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