State of Siege: Temple Attack Review: Watch a good film on the weekend ‘State of Siege: Temple Attack’

State of Siege: Temple Attack Review. It is not amazing that we have started making web series or films after being inspired by true events in India, it is amazing that taking inspiration from the incidents of Akshar Dham terrorist attack, we watch a film, written by two foreigners. The writers have and have written wonderfully. The author of the recently released new film State of Siege: Temple Attack on ZEE5. William Borthwick and Simon Fantozo and they have adapted this incident into a thriller to give us a film where we look very neutral and watch the terrorist attack and then the whole process of killing them by the NSG commandos. Looking straight ahead.

Contiloe Films has been producing a variety of programs for television over the years and has a list of hits from Star Plus to Zee TV. For the last few years, he has also started making web series and films for OTT platforms and so far his record is tremendous. Last year he made a mini web series on 26/11 Mumbai attacks “State of Siege: 26/11” which is a wonderful saga of the second worst attack in the world in Mumbai and then the victory over the terrorists by the NSG commandos. . The web series directed by American director Matthew Lutewyler and Prashant Singh is highly praised. In this episode, now the producers Abhimanyu Singh and Rupali Singh have brought “State of Siege: Temple Attack” which is directed by Ken Ghosh. After making music videos and films for many years, Kane had been making adult web series for ALTBalaji for some time now. State of Siege is a new genre for him and he has done a great job.

The story and screenplay are inspired by the 2002 terrorist attack on Akshardham temple and other events of that time. The entire script runs in one line and that is why this action thriller is fun to watch. It is shown that Pakistani terrorists attack Krishna Dham temple to avenge the atrocities on Muslims in the early 2002 riots. Entering the temple, they first shoot many people and then take people hostage and demand the release of another terrorist, Bilal, who is in jail. At the same time, Gujarat Chief Minister Manish Choksi (Sameer Soni) is addressing an international business conference. Colonel Nagar (Parveen Dabas) and his accompanying Major Hanut Singh (Akshay Khanna) escort the Chief Minister to a safe place. The terrorists start killing the hostages one by one. Akshay Khanna reaches with his comrades and kills the terrorists one by one and the mission is successful.

Neither the terrorists have been made superheroes or super villains in the story, nor the NSG commandos are incarnations of God. At the very beginning of the film, Akshaye Khanna’s team gets the mission to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a minister, in which they save the girl but one of their companions is killed and Akshay himself is injured. There is a small success that they catch a terrorist Bilal and his boss Abu Hamza escapes. Abu Hamza hatches a plan to attack the Krishna Dham temple so that he can free Bilal in exchange for the hostages.

The film’s editor Mukesh Thakur has converted the 112-hour season into a film less than two hours long and has done it brilliantly. The eyes do not take away from the screen even for a moment. At the end of the film, from the release of Bilal to the post-shoot scenes, the Hindi film formula has been inserted which does not match with the feel of the film at all. Possibly, the temptation to appear patriotic formula must have been difficult to convey. There are only 2 or 3 scenes with hyper-dramatics in the entire film, the rest of the film looks like a true incident. The film marks the debut of cinematographer Tejal Shetye as an independent cinematographer and has not taken any extra dramatic shots in the film.

Akshaye Khanna is one such actor for us who is never used properly. He makes his presence felt in some film every now and then and then we remember how talented he is. Akshay Oberoi had a small role and Gautam Rode too. Vivek Dahiya’s part came in only a few scenes but he has left an impact. Sameer Soni and Parveen Dabas are in good roles. Abhimanyu Singh’s role was also fine. Manjari Phadnis had only a couple of scenes and nothing to do. The entire film runs on the shoulders of Akshaye Khanna and terrorists. The script is the hero in this film and hence this film is a must watch.

Inspired by true events, this film is a great example of script and film. Take a look on the weekend. It is a small film, just a little abuse, due to which you may not like to watch with family, but if there is an OTT platform, then the director takes so much freedom.


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