Spider-Man’s fan reached the cinema hall to watch a movie, the woman asked a surprising question at the ticket counter!

The movie ‘Spider Man: No Way Home’ has been released and the heartbeat of people who like superheroes has increased. The film is also doing amazingly well at the box office. On social media, you will get to see and read many reviews of many people associated with this film. Many memes and funny videos are also going viral, but one video is finding everyone very attractive. In this video, a Spider-Man fan has come to watch the new Spider-Man film, but he has a shocking experience.

The man asked the woman a surprising question
In the video going viral, a man reaches the cinema hall to watch the movie ‘Spider Man No Way Home’ (Man wearing Spider Man mask viral video). In the video, he goes to the woman sitting at the ticket counter (Spider Man Fan on ticket counter video) and the woman immediately asks him which movie ticket he wants. On hearing this, the camera rotates towards the person who is wearing the same mask of Spider-Man. Although his face is not visible, but by looking at the camera immediately, it is clear that he has been surprised to hear the question of the woman.

video going viral on social media
Actually, the person is already wearing Spider-Man’s mask, so it is natural that the young man has come to watch Spider-Man’s movie. In such a situation, when the woman questions him about the ticket, he gets stunned. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Different accounts have shared the video on social media.

Spider-Man creating panic in India
Let us tell you that Spider-Man No Way Home movie has been released in India on 16th December and with the release, the movie has created panic. According to trade analyst Taran Adarsh, the film has earned Rs 26 crore on Sunday. Taran Adarsh ​​said in the tweet that the film has earned 32.67 crores on Thursday, 20.37 crores on Friday, 26.10 crores on Saturday and 26.10 crores on Sunday. At the same time, the gross box office collection is Rs 100.84 crore. Let us tell you that Tom Holland is in the lead role in the Spider-Man movie. The film is directed by Jon Watts.

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