Special promotional offer of BSNL! Get full talk time of ₹ 100 with a top of 100 rupees

BSNL has expanded its promotion offer. Users of this offer will get full talk time every Sunday at a top-up of Rs 100. Regular offers are offered on many topups from BSNL. But a top-up of Rs 100 is offered under the promotional offer. This has been revealed in the report of OnlyTech. BSNL’s promotional offer has been entered for 90 days. This offer has been offered under GSM Prepaid Mobile Service, which started on 29 November 2020 and will continue till 31 March 2021. In such a situation, customers will be able to enjoy full talk time every Sunday till 31 March 2021 at a top-up of Rs 100.

The first promotion offer from BSNL was offered on 22 August 2020 for a 90-day period. It was also made available under GSM Prepaid Mobile Service till 18 November 2020. The company has relaunched this plan again in late November.

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BSNL recently started a promotional offer to offer free SIM cards to increase its user base. The last date was 28 November 2020. In this offer, the user was given a free SIM card. But it had its own conditions, for which the user would have to get the first recharge of minimum Rs 100.


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