South Africa’s star player dies in car accident, video of burning vehicle viral

Footballer’s car after the accident (Photo credit: RayonMedia Group Twitter handle)

Another person was traveling in the car with this player of 25 years and both have died in this accident.

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  • Last Updated:December 13, 2020, 6:00 PM IST

new Delhi. South Africa star player Motijeka Madisha has died in a car accident. The accident took place in Johannesburg. 25-year-old defender Madisha was traveling with another person, when his car collided and started burning with explosives. Both the person along with Madisha died in the accident. The South African Football Association has also confirmed this.

Madisha also played in the South Africa Premier Soccer League Champions. Recently, he took the field against Sao Tom in the Africa Cup of Nation qualification double header last month.

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South African Football Association President Danny Jordan said in a statement that I am still trying to find out what really happened, but this is disappointing news for football. In the past too, another South African footballer, Anle, was killed in a car accident.


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