Sooryavanshi VS Tanhaji Box Office- Akshay Kumar beats Ajay Devgan on the seventh day, even after winning the first week

first day

Sooryavanshi – 26.29 crores

Tanhaji – 15.10 crores

Apparently Akshay Kumar’s film has won in terms of opening. Whereas in many states, theaters are still open with 50 percent occupancy.

second day

second day

Suryavanshi – 23.85 crores

Tanhaji – 20.57 crores

At the same time, on the second day Ajay Devgan’s Tanhaji showed a straight increase of 5 crores. While Suryavanshi’s earnings declined.

day 3

day 3

Suryavanshi – 26.94 crores

Tanhaji – 26.26 crores

On the third day i.e. on Sunday, the box office collection of both the films was almost equal. With this, Suryavanshi’s first weekend collection was – 77.08 crores.. While Tanhaji’s weekend collection was – 61.93 crores..

fourth day

fourth day

Suryavanshi – 14.51 crores

Tanhaji-13.75 Crore

On Monday after the first weekend, both the films had a strong hold at the box office.

fifth day

fifth day

Suryavanshi – 11.22 crores

Tanhaji – 15.28 crores

It can be guessed from the figures that Ajay Devgan’s Tanhaji Suryavanshi was ahead in terms of collection on the fifth day.

the sixth day

the sixth day

Suryavanshi – 9.55 crores

Tanhaji – 16.72 crores

Even on the sixth day, where Tanhaji showed a banging business.. On the other hand, Suryavanshi’s earnings have started falling.

Seventh day - first week

Seventh day – first week

Sooryavanshi – 8 Crore (approx)

Tanhaji – 11.23 crores

With this, Tanhaji gave a great collection of 118 crores in the first week. At the same time, the collection of Sooryavanshi’s first week has been 120 crores.

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