Sooji kheer is full of nutrition for children, prepare it at home

Sooji kheer is full of nutrition for children, prepare it at home

By the way, semolina is used to make some food in every household. But do you know that semolina is rich in many nutrients including fiber. Which can be given as the first food for a newborn.

Let us tell you that newborns drink mother’s milk for about 6 months. But after this, the problem arises which diet should be given to them. In such a situation, some people bring the products found in the market and feed them to the children. Which are also very high in price. In such a situation, if you want, you can make some nutritious food at home. Due to which the child will not have any problem and it will be easily digested.

If you will give semolina kheer to a child above 6 months. So that would be awesome. Because it will be easy for the child to eat and will also be nutritious for the child. Because semolina contains sufficient amount of fiber. Therefore, it will be easy for the child to digest as well. The child will also get adequate amount of energy. Because there are 180 calories in a 50 gram list. Semolina also contains vitamin B6, which shows an effect in improving the mental health of the child. Semolina also contains iron. This will not cause anemia in the body of the child and it also plays an important role in increasing immunity.

To make semolina kheer, you will need to take a glass of milk, two to three spoons of semolina, sugar, desi ghee, some dry fruit finely ground, saffron and a small cardamom. For this you put ghee in a vessel and bake semolina. When it seeps well. Then add milk to it and let it cool on low heat. But in the meantime, keep stirring it with a spoon. When they start cooking, you can add sugar, powdered dry fruit, saffron and cardamom. Now allow the kheer to cook for 5 to 10 minutes more. When it cooks well. So you can feed it to the children after it cools down.

As such, this Kheer is very beneficial for the child. But if you still have any doubt. So you can consult a doctor.


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