Sonam Kapoor shares fitness recipe, use these things in breakfast to stay healthy

new Delhi. Sonam Kapoor (Sonam Kapoor), known for her fashion sense in Bollywood, is also known for her special acting. Along with working in Bollywood, she is heavily involved with social media and shares special tips about health. Then whether it is to maintain the body, or to enhance the skin. Recently, Sonam Kapoor (sonam kapoor share video) updated the video on Instagram to tell the fans about ways to get rid of problems related to face and hair. But at the moment, one of her videos is becoming increasingly viral, in which she is telling special ways to keep the body healthy.

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Sonam kapoor smoothie recipe has prepared a special recipe to keep your health healthy, which you can use in the morning breakfast. Because the morning starts with breakfast. And if your breakfast is healthy then your body will remain energized throughout the day. And keeping this in mind, actress Sonam Kapoor has prepared a healthy smoothie recipe.

Smoothie is a good breakfast to take in the morning, it has a variety of nutrients. Which help in providing freshness and energy to the body. Actress Sonam Kapoor has posted this recipe on her Instagram, stating that she always drinks smoothies while on set. The actress has shared the recipe, showing how to make it.


A medium size ripe banana

Half a cup of chopped mangoes and some grapes

2 tablespoons Greek yogurt

Half cup apple cider

Method of making

To make smoothie, you mix grapes, bananas and mangoes and Greek yogurt in the mixi. If you want, you can use other fruits instead. Then add half a cup of apple cider vinegar. Adding apple vinegar will thicken your smoothie. You can also add almond milk instead of Greek yogurt.


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