Sonam Kapoor gets pregnant again in these pictures of sister-in-law’s baby shower, pictures going viral

Getting pregnancy congratulations

The only problem is that the fans think that Sonam Kapoor has covered herself with a dupatta in this picture so that the news of her pregnancy does not come out. Not only this, fans are also congratulating Sonam on her pregnancy on these pictures.

Rhea Kapoor's reception party

Rhea Kapoor’s reception party

It is worth noting that in the pictures of Rhea Kapoor’s wedding, the fans told Sonam pregnant. After which Sonam Kapoor did not even appear in front of the cameras at Rhea Kapoor’s wedding reception party. This picture of Sonam from the party also went viral where fans once again discussed her pregnancy.

don't want to be in news

don’t want to be in news

Now the problem is that Sonam Kapoor does not want to make her pregnancy breaking news, but fans are constantly telling her pregnant on every picture of her. At the same time, Sonam is also sharing her pictures from every angle again and again. But fans are not ready to ignore her pregnancy in every picture.

Sonam had denied the news

Sonam had denied the news

On her return to India, Sonam Kapoor was seen in loose fitting clothes. Even on this, the fans had speculated that Sonam Kapoor is definitely pregnant. After the news of pregnancy, Sonam shared her picture on the first day of her period and wrote, drinking my ginger tea to relax on the first day of my period.

Rumors fly every year

Rumors fly every year

It is worth noting that Sonam Kapoor is pregnant, this rumor flies every year. Sometimes because of their clothes and sometimes because of being away from the cameras. And many times Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja have denied these reports. Sonam Kapoor had gone to London during the Corona period and was in London for a year. In such a situation, the rumors of Sonam Kapoor’s pregnancy were once again blown up. Whenever Sonam and Anand shared their pictures, fans on social media were seen asking only this question.

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