So will this beautiful village of Uttarakhand be recorded in the pages of history?

Pithoragarh. The village, situated close to the China border, is slowly crumbling. The situation is such that 35 houses of the village have been completely destroyed. continuously in the village without rain Landslide continues. Dar village has been cracking since 1974. Despite this, no serious effort has been made so far to save the village.
A few days ago a team of geo-scientists Pithoragarh District Administration On the instructions of Darma Valley survey was done. Team leader Pradeep Kumar said that it is necessary to immediately transport 35 families to safe places. The village is constantly slipping down, which can put the villagers in danger.

Survey team leader Pradeep Kumar It is said that the cutting of the road connecting Sobla-Dhankar has weakened the hills. Not only this, underground water sources are seeping from below the village. The leaking water sources are also continuously weakening the hills. As a result, the village is slowly slipping away. Kumar also says that Dar village is situated in an old landslide area. There is no hard rock under the village. Due to which the weak soil is continuously cracking.

145 families live in Dar village. But in the winter season, these families move to low-lying areas. But some families still stay in the village throughout the year. This year also the sky disaster came in October Darma Valley There has been great devastation in The Bhatkhola Tok of Dar was displaced in 1974 itself. But now the danger is slowly looming over the entire village.

More than 80 percent of the houses in the rate have developed cracks, which are continuously increasing with time. In such a situation, the villagers are forced to spend every moment in the shadow of fear.

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