Smelling of camphor, celery and cloves increases oxygen level

Smelling of camphor, celery and cloves increases oxygen level

The best solution to problems like a closed nose, shortness of breath and sneezing is desi camphor, celery and cloves, all of them tie the bundle of bundles together in a white cotton cloth and sniff this bundle when needed, climbers The native camphor is kept with him on the mountains, which comes in handy when there is a lack of oxygen.

This message is going viral on social media. In which it is being claimed that keep a bundle of camphor, cloves and celery with you and smell it when needed or having difficulty in taking oxygen. This helps in increasing the oxygen level. This bundle is offered to the tourists of Ladakh and they are then advised to use it. When the oxygen level is low. Well it is a home remedy. Which people have been adopting since that time. When there is a problem of nasal congestion.

Knowing and according to doctors, a mixture of celery, camphor, cloves and eucalyptus is helpful in opening the closed nose. After sniffing its bundle, the closed nose opens. Lung tightness is reduced and oxygen level is improved. That is why even today many people use this type in case of nasal congestion.


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