Smartwatch will detect corona before symptoms appear – Study

Smartwatch will detect corona : In today’s lifestyle, people who are a little cautious about their health, they must be using a smartwatch or fitness tracker. These gadgets tell you how many steps you have walked so far, how long you slept or what your heart rate was during morning exercise. But do you know that now on the basis of this information, you can also know whether you are corona infected or not, even before the symptoms appear? Yes, that is possible. You can get all this information from your smartwatch only. Scientists from Stanford University of America have developed a mobile device for early detection of corona. app myPhD Has been prepared, which will give you information about corona in time from the data of smartwatch or fitness tracker.

Scientists claim that with this app, corona infection has been detected in 80 percent of the users before the test. The findings of this study have been published in the medical journal Nature Medicine. published Has been done.

How did the study happen?
Researchers installed this app on Android or Apple devices of 3300 adults aged 18 to 80 years for this study. The app collected data from the already existing wrist-worn devices with adults, ie smartwatches or fitness trackers, and sent it to a secure cloud server. Now researchers could analyze the data on this cloud server.

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This app was used in Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin Devices and other gadgets. The scientists used an algorithm to see changes in the participants’ step count, heart rate and sleep patterns. Algorithms send alerts when a change is detected that is different than expected.

heart rate data
In this study, changes in heart rate have been explained in great detail, how a person’s immune system and heart beat are related to each other. Changes in the heartbeat of corona-infected users are less visible, while changes in the heartbeat of corona-negative users are seen. More variability in heart rate indicates that the nervous system of the user is very active. It can be more effective in coping with stress.

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Alert 3 days ago
During this study, more than 2155 users received daily real-time alerts from November 2020 to July 2021. Also, 2117 participants completed at least one survey. Out of these 278 people who received an alert of infection, 84 of these participants were wearing Fitbit or Apple Watch. Of these, 60 people got alerts suggesting the possibility of infection. Through these smartwatches, an abnormal reading was detected in these people 3 days before they developed symptoms.

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