Smartphone addiction is stealing sleep? These methods will help you

Mobile Stealing Sleep Use These Tips To Get Rid- Do you also not be able to sleep well at night and the night is cut as you turn? According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of adults in the US suffer from sleep-related disturbances and are also affecting their lives. Recently, a study related to psychiatry was recently published in Frontiers in this regard. The study included 1,043 students between 18 and 30 years of age at King’s College, London, who used smartphones. The research revealed that 40 percent of university students are suffering from smartphone addiction.

The study also revealed that students who used to use smartphones more and their quality of sleep had decreased significantly. A previous study has also revealed that excessive use of smartphones at night has resulted in sleep deprivation, decreased sleep duration, and fatigue during the day. Actually, using a smartphone at bedtime affects the circadian rhythm of the body ie biological clock which determines when to sleep and when to wake up. Let’s know some ways that will relieve you from the addiction of smartphone …

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1. Keep the phone away from you for a day or a week:Nowadays many people are keeping distance from the phone for a day or a week to get rid of the mobile habit. Choose one day in every week and keep that distance away from your mobile on that day.

2. Control yourself with the app:

Nowadays, as if an app has come for every problem of life. In such a situation, there are some apps that will work on the habit of getting rid of your smartphone or reducing it. These apps are like this-

Space – Through this app, you can set a goal to reduce smartphone addiction. With this, you can check your daily progress in it.

Forest ($ 1.99): This is a beautifully designed app. It controls your smartphone usage habits and also increases your productivity.
Moment: Through small, daily exercises, Moment helps you use your phone properly.
Flipped: For full focus, this app locks the mind wandering apps.

screen time: Set a daily usage limit on your phone or special application.

3. Change the settings of the phone:

To reduce cell phone usage, you can use these tips and tricks to change the settings of the phone. If you want, use these tips…

1. Turn off the notification.
2. Set the screen to black-and-white
3. Remove these apps from the home screen that grab your attention.
4. Set a long passcode to unlock the phone.
5. Use Aeroplan Mode.
6. Set the phone to do not disturb mode.

4. Do not engage in phone charging near the bed:
Do not put the phone in charge in the bedroom and at the same time ask the children to adopt this habit. By keeping the phone away from the bedroom, the side effects of using it too much (lack of sleep, loss of communication) can be avoided.

5. Call away as soon as you get inside the house:
Christopher Mims wrote a column in this connection in the Wall Street Journal. According to this, in order to create the right balance of life, it was said to distance from the cell phone. If you want, you can put the phone in the kitchen shelves after work. According to Christopher Mims, ‘The more you control the use of the phone, the more you are able to retain the ability to ignore it.

6. Experiment for thirty days:
To reduce cell phone usage, you should use it for 30 days or use a very limited limit. This will allow you to take extra time for yourself.


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