Small washing machine has come to clean wireless earbuds, cleaning will be done in minutes, see VIDEO

Repeated use of headphones or earpods causes a lot of dirt to accumulate, which not only spoils the sound quality but also threatens infection. If you are an Apple AirPods user then there is a good news for you, now you can clean your AirPods very easily without any hassle. A cute little washing machine has now arrived to clean the AirPods.

A company called Cardlax has introduced a very cool small washing machine. This washing machine completely cleans your wireless earbuds in just a few minutes. Like a pod box, this earbuds washer has a cover like a washing machine in the top. Apart from this, a brush and spray has also been given to clean the buds.

To clean the earbuds you can clean the speaker nets through a brush. After this, the earbuds have to be sprayed in the washer and the box is closed. In a short time all the dirt hidden in your ear buds will be cleared within minutes. The company claims that once the earbuds are cleaned with this washer, the U is completely cleaned and the sound quality also becomes the same as before.

These washers can be used for both base earpods as well as premium AirPods Pro. The company also says that this washer is also suitable for other 99 percent wireless earbuds. That is, you can clean the wireless earbuds of other companies in it as well. For this, the company has also released a video, which shows how you can clean the earbuds.

What is the price: Currently, the Cardlex earbuds washer is being offered on Kickstart and as reported by Cultfamac, it is priced at US $ 33 (approximately Rs 2,465), but will soon reach US $ 39 (around Rs 2,914). The company will start its shipping in June 2021.


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