Siddharth Dhawan wrote the song Jind after seeing a girl in the gym 7 years ago, see video

Siddharth Dhawan sang Jind song

new Delhi:

Jind (Jind), a Punjabi song by Siddharth Dhawan has been released today. Which people are very much like. Because of this song, Siddharth has told that he wrote this song 7 years ago when he saw a girl in the gym. It has been shown in this song that when someone falls in love for the first time, then how many changes start taking place in it. Through this song, Siddharth has tried to show his first love feeling in the video.

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It is also shown in this song that when a boy falls in love when he sees a girl for the first time, he keeps blushing all the time, while watching the video, he also thinks about the girl and keeps looking at the pictures of the girl.

This video of Siddharth Dhawan is being well liked on social media. Siddharth himself has written this song. He says, ‘While writing this song what I was thinking was how beautiful that girl was, knowing that my life was getting better every day and how everything starts to look very different and beautiful.


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