‘Shureite’ Healthcare Solution Launched to Meet Health Related Needs

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Essentially Healthy Private Limited (EHPL), which is S.K. The Bajoria Group is a part of the company, on behalf of this company launched the ‘Shureite’ app to keep people in good condition. With the help of digital technology to solve problems related to healthcare, this app will prove to be very helpful in keeping you healthy. It can be downloaded through both the App Store and Play Store. It is also readily available on our web portal www.surite.in.

Using technology and the power of nature, the Shureight app brings healthcare providers, suppliers and manufacturers together on a common platform and helps people connect with them through wellness products by providing better and cheaper healthcare services.

Smita Bajoria (Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, EHPL) said, Shureight will be at the forefront of India’s digital healthcare revolution. We are committed to expanding our reach across India by providing affordable healthcare services with high quality. We will keep making changes in terms of time requirements and providing better digital medical facilities.

Shureight ensures that its users, service providers, vendors, customers, and people connecting to it through web portals and mobile apps can get the right information, services and suggestions in a timely manner. Schuerite is designed keeping in mind the importance of Kosiviv Healthcare Services. Its basic objective is to overcome the current problems among the people in the healthcare industry.

In the first phase of launching, doctors, consultants and officers and representatives associated with the diagnostic center will be able to use it. In addition it has established a wide range of healthcare and wellness products in an e-pharmacy and wellness store. The digital platform would later roll out various verticals and support people with the aim of becoming a holistic healthcare provider, as we always strive to provide better healthcare.

“We want to be the largest web and mobile-based aggregator and facilitator of health services, products and tele-medicine in India,” Bajoria said. So that people can stay connected and serve them all the time.

Doctor appointments: You can consult a doctor anytime and anywhere in the city by connecting to the Shureite app and informing your doctor about the problems in the online platform!
Daily testing: A simple lab test or comprehensive health package, this app will be able to bring everything to suit the user’s ability.

Pharmacy Store: Order medicines online from the comfort of your home and collect them from your doorstep without any hesitation and hassle.

Wellness Store: From medical equipment to organic foods, from entertainment pleasures to wellness clothes, Schuurite will bring everything to your door!

Hospitalization Services: Schuret helps patients get admitted to the best-in-class hospital without any trouble.

Ambulance Services: Anyone can book ambulance services anytime and anywhere by connecting with Schuwright.

Home Care Services: Get nursing, physiotherapy, personal trainers and other similar services at home comfortably with SchuRite.

Useful Services: Schuerite is able to provide a membership-based therapeutic service, including personal doctor visits, health screenings, health and nutrition, medical care, care for the elderly, fitness for children and pregnant women, and many more at your home.


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