SHOCKING: The woman went for a routine eye checkup, seeing the report, the ground slipped under her feet

London. In Britain, a woman had gone to have a routine eye-test. For several months his vision had become blurred. But when he got the checkup done, he came to know about a shocking thing, which changed everything in his life. The woman came to know about her life-threatening brain tumor. Sarah Cardwell is 46 years old. The mother of two works with the charity Brain Tune Research. Recently he narrated his unsung story to the world during the National Eye Health Awareness.

Sarah’s story
She went to the opticians in November 2018 due to loss of vision for several months. Before that, he also wore glasses for a long time. But it didn’t make any difference. The opticians took many tests of him, even after changing several glasses, there was no difference in his eyesight. After this, Sarah was asked to go to the Ophthalmology Hospital.

There the eye specialist took pictures of the back of Sarah’s eye and got a color blindness test done. Sarah, the mother of two children, told that after this the eye specialist asked me many questions, like does she get tired soon? Or did he notice some strange symptom?

Sarah said, “I was given iron pills for anemia and also some sickness and dizziness. I went to the doctor because of a severe headache, but then I thought that maybe too much work could be the reason.

Sarah cried and told her children that she would not be with them for a few days, she would have to stay in the hospital.

the ground slipped under the feet
After this, Sarah was asked to undergo an MRI scan. In this scan, a cyst (tumor) was seen in his brain. The next day he was asked to get another MRI done. Within a few days she was sitting with a neurosurgeon. He was told that he had a brain tumor that was sitting on his optic nerve. The surgeon asked Sarah to have an operation. Hearing this, the ground slipped under Sarah’s feet. She told her children crying that she would not be with them for a few days, she would have to stay in the hospital.

the troubles are not over
Doctors removed the tumor in five hours of brain surgery. He carried out this work through sinus. He was discharged from the hospital on 22 December 2018. But the troubles were not over yet. Sarah said, “Everything was going well in the MRI scan of February. But in June the tumor reappeared in an MRI scan. This caused a strange tingling in my eyes. The doctors did the surgery again for the regrowth of the tumor. I couldn’t believe it.’

Sarah told, ‘This time I was discharged from the hospital, but there was cerebrospinal fluid leak and swelling in the brain. I had to go to the hospital once again. This time the leaking fluid was fixed in two surgeries, it was a really terrifying experience. Now Sarah gets MRI scan done once in a year and her condition is fine now. Now she shares her brain tumor experience everywhere and asks others not to take the eye problem lightly.

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