Shocking: Man lost in a forest full of dreaded animals, alive after drinking rain water for 3 days

If someone gets lost in a forest full of dreaded wild animals, then only one can escape from his luck. Something similar happened to an elderly man from Britain (Old Man Missing), when he got lost in a forest in Thailand, where wild animals are full. No trace of the elderly could be found for 3 days. His wife again informed the police about this incident.

British citizen Leonard Barry Weller lives in Thailand with his wife. Leonard arrived with his bike on a hill in a forest in the Khon Kaen province of Thailand. He parked the bike and went inside, but he could not find a way to return. It was too hot in the woods, Leonard had nothing to eat. In such a situation, his survival was proving to be very difficult.

The forest was full of jungles and snakes
When Leonard, 74, was living with his wife Tavi Leonard. When he did not return home even the next day after leaving his bike in the evening, Tavi started worrying. They did not even go to the house even after telling where they were going? At that time there was heavy rain, storms and bad weather in Thailand. In such a situation, the fear of losing the elderly increased further. No one expected that Leonard had gone to the woods. Leonard, who had been living in Thailand for 15 years, parked his bike on the hill and went ahead. It got dark and they got lost in the forest. In the forest where Leonard had wandered, there was a camp of snakes and bears. In such a situation, it was difficult for him to escape.

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Make the leaves straw and drink the rain water
Since Leonard had not left the house for any camping purpose, he had no food and drink. When he saw it getting dark, he slept by making a bed of leaves. When he fell in love, he kept drinking the water coming from the rocks as a straw of leaves. His wife says that Leonard often used to go for a walk alone from home, but used to come back by night. When it did not happen this time, he informed the police. According to local news channel 7, thermal drones were installed in search of Leonard, so that he could be spotted. For two days the rescue team could not find anything, finally on the third day his motorcycle could be traced. There the elderly could be found deep inside in the dense forest. Thankfully, he had no problem other than being extremely tired. Tigers, leopards, bears and even elephants are present in that forest, but Leonard was lucky that they survived even after 3 days.

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