Shocking: A woman became pregnant as she sat on the plane! Suddenly given birth to a child during a flight

While sitting in the flight, the woman did not know that she was pregnant.

A strange incident occurred with a woman from Utah. The woman flew from Utah to Hawaii (Hawai). She did not even know that she was pregnant before sitting on the plane. At the same time, when she came down from the plane, there was a child in her lap.

There are many strange incidents in the world. Some events are difficult to believe. This shocking news sometimes blows people’s senses. Recently, a similar shocking case has come out of Utah, in which a woman became pregnant on the flight itself and her delivery was also done during the flight on the plane. It is being told that the child was born only in the seventh month. Surprisingly, the woman was not aware that she was pregnant. Suddenly, he had a stomach ache and the delivery was also done. Mother became in a few hours Lavinia Coral, a resident of Utah, was sitting on a flight to Hawaii with her family in the morning. In the morning Lavinia uploaded the status on social media. After this, the flight took off. Shortly after the flight Lavinia started having stomach aches. Flight attendants helped Lavinia and in a short time she gave birth to a son. Everything happened in the journey of three hoursAll this incident took place in the three-hour journey from Utah to Hawaii in Lavinia. Many doctors were also present on the flight. Under her supervision, seven-month pregnant Lavinia gave birth to a child. Seeing the health of the child and mother, everyone breathed peace. After landing the flight, both of them were immediately taken to the hospital. A video of this entire incident was also made by a person present on the flight and shared it on social media. Was unaware of pregnancy The most shocking thing about the case was that Lavinia did not know that she was pregnant. The child’s father Ethan Magalane shared this shocking news of becoming his father with people on Facebook. He was surprised but he was also happy to be a father. Together, they named this Miracle Baby Raymond. Both the child and the mother are healthy. Apart from this, Flight Medical Crew took the fund raise in view of the health facility of both.


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