Sharmila Tagore Photos: HD and HQ Photos of Sharmila Tagore

new Delhi. ‘Kashmir ki kali’ means Sharmila Tagore is one of the famous actresses of yesteryears. Sharmila Tagoren has given many good films to the Hindi cinema world. Even today, Sharmila’s films are engraved in the hearts and minds of the viewers. Even today, Sharmila’s style is very crazy. His style, his make-up are very popular among the youth even today. Sharmila Tagore started her film career with Satyajit Ray’s film ‘Apur Sansar’. The film was made in Bengali. People were stunned by Sharmila’s beauty in this film.

Sharmila Tagore’s style of applying mascara, her make-up, her hairstyle and most importantly her smile still appeal to the public. By the way, let me tell you that Sharmila Tagore is an actress. Who rocked everyone by wearing a bikini in the 70s. Today we will show you some such picture of Sharmila. Which you have hardly noticed.

Sharmila Tagore

Wearing a pearl crop top and posing wings, actress Sharmila Tagore’s style looks fabulous. (Photo Credit: Pinterest)


Sharmila Tagore in a blue bikini

Sharmila Tagore’s ravishing style looks stunning while posing in a blue bikini in the waters of the sea. (Photo Credit: Sharmila Tagore)

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Sharmila Tagore’s bold style

Sharmila Tagore, wearing a crop top of the net, is seen posing in front of the camera. (Photo Credit: Sharmila Tagore)


Sharmila Tagore black bikini

Sharmila Tagore created a stir in the entire industry by wearing a black and white bikini in the 70s. It is said that large posters of these pictures of Sharmila were put up all over Mumbai. But when the mother of Sharmila Tagore’s boyfriend Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was coming to see him. The banner of these photos was then removed overnight.


Sharmila Tagore Two Piece Outfits

Sharmila looks very beautiful in the black and white picture. Wearing a black and white top, cap with black jeans, Sharmila’s style looks quite beautiful. (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

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Cat pose of Sharmila Tagore

Sharmila Tagore’s cat pose wearing a black and white bikini looks bold. (Photo Credit: Pinterest)


Sharmila Tagore

Sharmila Tagore, wearing a black saree, looks very cute. In this photo, Sharmila looks very beautiful wearing black bindi and beautiful mascara. (Photo Credit: Pinterest)


Sharmila Tagore’s savory eyes

Sharmila Tagore’s eyes look very beautiful with red dot on her eyes. (Photo Credit: Pinterest)


Sharmila Tagore’s beautiful pose

Sharmila Tagore looks very beautiful in this picture. (Photo Credit: Pinterest)


Sharmila Tagore’s Hairstyling

Whenever Sharmila Tagore used to come on the big screen. Then his hairstyle attracted the most attention. (Photo Credit: Pinterest)


Sharmila Tagore

Sharmila’s looks are very murderous while reading a book lying on the ground wearing one piece. (Photo Credit: Hindustan Times)


Sharmila Tagore Worship Look

The style of her saree was quite famous in the actress Sharmila Tagore’s film ‘Aradhana’, released in 1969. This white and red border sari was a trend. (Photo Credit: Pinterest)


Sharmila Tagore Sari Look

Actress Sharmila Tagore, who is sitting on the mountain on the sea shore, is looking very beautiful in a sari look. (Photo Credit: Pinterest)


Sharmila Tagore Side Pose

Wearing a black coat, Sharmila Tagore looks very cute giving a side pose. In this photo, Sharmila’s face expressions look quite spectacular.


Sharmila Tagore’s Red Saree Look

Not only in Western but also in traditional dress, Sharmila Tagore looks amazing. In this picture, Sharmila looks very cute wearing a Nath in a nose with a red saree. (Photo Credit: Pinterest)


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