Shardiya Navratri 2021: Enjoy virtual Navratri like this by staying at home in Corona, celebrate like this

Shardiya Navratri 2021: Navratri means colorful pandals, roaming around with friends, dance, worship, decoration on different types of folk songs. But for the last two years due to the Corona epidemic, we are not able to celebrate any festival. As a responsible citizen, if we are avoiding crowds or not doing social gathering, it does not mean that we cannot celebrate or celebrate. Actually, if we want, we can do social virtual gathering even sitting at home, we can do shopping and enjoy worship. But if we do some planning in advance for this, then we can celebrate Navratri with friends and family in a great way. So let us know how to prepare for it.

Celebrate it like Virtual Navratri

1. Get Started With Makeovers

The easiest and first way to celebrate any festival is to do your own makeover. In such a situation, you start going to the parlor for preparation. Before the start of Navratri, get facials etc. and take spa etc. Give a new style to your hair and pamper yourself and your family members.

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2. Hold Virtual Dance Event

By coordinating with your friends and family, you can organize a virtual Garba event in advance. List your favorite Garba songs and set up virtual video call sessions with your friends and family. You can also keep a program of one to one dance.

3. Nine Days Nine Avatars

For the virtual event, keep a special nine-day dress code for Navratri and shop for typical Indian wear. Adorn yourself with nine different colors for each day.

4. Your Home Your Pandal

You can use your living room as a pandal. Before the start of the festival, do the decoration of the house and keep the theme in mind. You can also hold a home decoration competition among friends. For this you can decorate the walls with some colorful shiny curtains or traditional marigold flowers. Apart from this, do not forget to light up the room with traditional garba lamps and disco dancing lights.

5. Make Mood Special With Foods

You set the daily dinner menu at home with the family. If you want, you can make them at home or you can order from special restaurants.

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6.Keep Organizing Aarti

Every day all the different families together keep the virtual aarti organized. For this, you should light a lamp in advance and all together do the aarti of the mother. For this you use bell, clock bell etc.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned specialist before following these.)

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