Seetharam Binoy Review: Police cases can go on for years, not films made on them ‘Sitaram Binoy Case No 18’

Some movies move at their own pace. Looks like no one has anywhere to go. There is no hurry to reach anywhere. Just as life goes on slowly, so do movies. Set in small towns and villages in fast paced life, the stories of these films reach the heart, but if the story is of a police case, then its slow pace can go the exact opposite of your scale of interest. Sitaram Binoy Case Number 18 is a film made on a good story, but it seems that the director was sitting imagining a web series and the film had to be made. The film is excessively long.

Aan, Ban, Shaan and Mann challenges Aan, Ban, Shaan and Mann for a burglary in their house for a policeman. The posting of Sitaram Binoy is done in the village police station of Shimoga district. Some sly thieves target his house. Investigation reveals that some more such thefts have also taken place. In search of links, Sitaram and his companions adopt different methods, not much success. During the investigation, Sitaram’s wife is murdered and a new process of investigation begins. In such a situation, Sitaram gets his hands on case no. 18 file. A serial murder file. In the midst of the investigation of the theft cases, this exercise to know the truth behind the serial murders, where does Sitaram take him, the climax of this film rests on the same thing.

This is the debut film of writer-director Devi Prasad Shetty and probably that’s why no skimps have been taken in writing. The problem with new writers is that in the film they show the reasons behind every incident in sequence. Heroes try to justify the specialty of the heroine or villain’s character and that is why they want to tell everything themselves instead of the intellect of the audience. Devi Prasad Shetty is also facing the same problem. Despite this, he has made the film very well.

There is nothing new as a director. But in an innovative film, how hard a policeman has to work has been shown well. No evidence or clue, Sitaram (Vijay Raghavendra) suddenly finds himself and neither is he a super cop who solves cases in a jiffy. In the initial phase, they find it frustrating in solving the case. The film is the 50th film of Kannada actor Vijay and the entire film is made on him. Producer Satwik Hebbar plays the villain in the film but he has disguised himself to keep the camera focused.

The music of Gagan Baderiya is good, there was scope for some songs in the film, which were absolutely unnecessary. Though the songs are nice and melodious. This is also the first film of cinematographer Hemant and he has done a good job. You can see the proper use of top shots and drone shots. Since the characters lead a very normal life, their shots have been taken in natural light. It is also the first film of editor Shashank Narayan. Perhaps the director’s influence must have been more, so he could not remove many unnecessary scenes, due to which the film got stretched by about 20 minutes. Director Deviprasad’s intention to ride the two plots, largely keeps the film in check but after the entry of a new character, the film slips.

If there was only a story of thief-police game, then the film would have been more fun. Vicious thief gang and a police officer, but it is not so. The film is good. is long. Patience is needed. Will see only if time is more. Or if you are fond of watching slow moving movies then definitely watch it. Sitaram Binoy Case No. Mistakes will be less visible in 18.

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