Save teeth and gums that are getting damaged due to pyuria, you will get relief soon

How To Deal With Pyorrhea or Periodontitis: Pyorrhea or Periodontitis is a serious disease of the gums. In the absence of information, people do not treat it at the right time and the teeth have to suffer due to its loss. oramd According to the website, there are many such bacteria in our teeth which gradually start to accumulate around the teeth. They get nutrition from the food we eat and they damage the gums and jaw bone. Because of this, the bone slowly starts to decompose. This condition is called Pyorrhea. If it is not treated at the right time, then pyorrhea spreads rapidly and gradually the teeth start moving. After which there is a need to remove the teeth.

symptoms of pyorrhea

Symptoms include bleeding gums while brushing, bad breath, change in the position of the teeth, red, tender or swollen gums, pain in the teeth while chewing food, bad taste in your mouth, etc.

Why does pyuria happen?

Due to not brushing properly, bacteria multiply in the mouth and form dental plaque. If not brushed off, bacteria over time deposit minerals within the plaque and this frozen mineral is known as tartar. Because of this, the connection between the tooth and the gum breaks down and the problem starts.

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due to pyuria


-Type 2 Diabetes


-Hormonal Changes

-Immune system weakened

-poor nutrition

-Vitamin C deficiency

treatment of pyorrhea

– Scaling and polishing) Removal of plaque deposited on the teeth with the help of the process.

– Oral Hygiene.

– Rinse with 1 teaspoon of salt in lukewarm water.

– use of antibiotics

– Flap surgery.

Tips to avoid pyorrhea

Rinse off at least twice a day.

– Brush twice.

– Quit smoking.

Use fluoride toothpaste.

Eat food rich in fiber daily.

Get a dental checkup done by the dentist once a year.

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