Samantha Akkineni herself used to do stunts for ‘The Family Man 2’, watch video

Digital Desk, Mumbai. Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee’s most awaited web series ‘The Family Man 2’ has been released, which is being liked a lot by the audience. South’s famous actress Samantha Akkineni has made her Hindi debut through this series. However, she was criticized by the people of South for Samantha’s terrorist character, on which Manoj Bajpayee also supported Samantha. But after the release of the series, the work of the actress is being praised a lot. At the same time, Samantha has also shared 2 videos on social media regarding the shooting of ‘The Family Man 2’, in which she is seen practicing stunts herself. It is the result of such a great effort, that the web series is getting such a good response.

Watch Samantha’s stunt video

Actress Samantha Akkineni has recently shared two videos on Instagram, this video is behind the scene. You will see in this first video that some scenes related to the series are being shot in the camera, in which it is seen that How Samantha is ready for the stunt and she slams her opposite artist while performing the stunt. In the second video, Samantha is seen practicing for the shoot, in which she is fighting with about 2 or 3 people.

Let us tell you that before the release, Tamil Nadu was protesting against the series. People believe that, in this series, actress Samantha Akkineni has been shown as a terrorist and she has strong objection to Pakistan’s relationship with terrorist organization. Manoj Bajpayee broke his silence regarding this matter and he issued a statement on social media saying that people are speculating after seeing just a few shots in the trailer. We have great respect for the Tamil people, their sentiments and culture. While sharing the post on his official Instagram account, Manoj Bajpayee wrote that, after seeing just a few shots in the trailer, people are speculating. Many members of our cast and writing team are Tamil. We have great respect for the Tamil people, their sentiments and culture. We have respect and respect for them. We have worked very hard for this show. Took pains to bring it to the audience. Manoj further writes that, ‘Just like it was in the first season, we request everyone to wait, watch the show when it is released. We know you will appreciate it once you watch the show.

On the other hand, Manoj Bajpayee while interacting with Bollywood Hungama said, ‘The main leaders in our team, who are leading this show, especially in Season 2, are mostly Tamil. Who better than him to think about protecting the interests of Tamils?’ ‘I don’t think there can be anyone better than him. Those people are leading this show, they have made this show and they have done everything possible for this show, so that respect for Tamil culture and civilization can be shown. Manoj Bajpayee further says, ‘You will feel very proud of this show. This is the only series that believes in diversity. ‘Please watch this show and you will feel very proud of it.’


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