Saif Ali Khan broke his silence on being trolled in the name of Taimur and Jahangir, said – we are good people …

When Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor named their first son Taimur, they were trolled a lot. When he named the second son Jahangir, a lot of negative comments were made for him on social media. Now he has told what he thinks on this kind of trolling. Saif says that it is useless to say anything to people spreading negativity.

Saif said – we work hard

On the names of the sons of Kareena-Saif, some people keep fuming on the internet. People associated the name of his eldest son Timur with the Turkish invader Timur. At the same time, when the name of the second son, Jahangir, came out, many negative comments were seen on social media. Saif Ali Khan talked about this in an interview to ETimes. Saif said, the world is not the same place, not all people are equally happy. We are privileged people and I think we are good people. We pay our taxes, we follow the law and we work hard and do well to have fun.

It’s useless to pay attention to such people

Saif further says, We contribute positivity to the world. It is useless to comment on those who are spreading negativity, distributing, becoming terrible. I try not to read all this, instead focus on something else. Kareena and Saif had faced a lot of negative comments from people after the birth of Taimur, so tried to hide the younger son J from everyone’s eyes for a long time.

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