Safe Diwali 2021: If you want to celebrate a safe Diwali, do not ignore the Corona guide line, remember these 4 things

Safe Diwali 2021 : With Dhanteras, Diwali celebrations have started. In such a situation, plans are also being made for people to meet with friends and families and celebrate parties. In such a situation, if ignoring the Corona Guidelines is not free from danger. A little carelessness during the festive season can prove to be dangerous for you and the society. In such a situation, it is being advised to wear a mask and maintain a distance to celebrate Safe Diwali by avoiding Corona. Let us know by adopting which measures we can enjoy the festival of Safe Diwali while avoiding Corona. Huh.

Take care of protection from corona in this way in Diwali

1. Social Distancing Required

Health experts are constantly advising that during Diwali shopping or get together, it is important for all people to always take special care of social distancing. In Diwali, the crowd in the markets increases, so by following the rules of social distancing, one can be safe from corona.

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2.Mask Required

To prevent corona infection, wearing a mask is the most important thing in the precautionary measures. This will not only keep you safe from corona, but will also protect you from the pollution emanating from firecrackers.

3. Keep your hands clean

Hand hygiene also needs to be taken care of in the prevention of corona. Especially after buying goods in the market, eating food, meeting people, shaking hands etc. In such a situation, clean hands thoroughly with an alcohol-based sanitizer. Do keep in mind that sanitizer is flammable, so do not use it around lamps and fire at all.

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4.Vaccination Required

The crowd increases in Diwali, so if you have got a vaccine, then it will give you protection. But even after this, it is necessary for you to follow the rules of mask and social distancing. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned specialist before following these.)

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