Rose Day celebrated in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ house too, the housemates got angry for each other – News18 Hindi

Mumbai: BigBoss 14 (BigBoss 14) Something special is going to be seen in his house today. All the family members will be seen venting their heart out for each other. In the new video, the show’s host Salman Khan is seen talking about Rose Day Celebration. Salman Khan tells all the members of the house that today we will do the presentation ceremony every day in ‘Bigg Boss’ trial. You will give this black rose to someone who has hit your heart. Meanwhile, black roses are shown in a tray.

Ali Gony’s number comes first. He would say that ‘I would like to give this black rose to Rakhi, she has hurt my heart the most. Whatever she said to Jasmine, the kind of things she used to say that she looks like this has become weak. I also had many tears regarding these things. Saying this, Ali gives roses to Rakhi. Rakhi says Happy Valentine in return. After this comes Rakhi Sawant’s number, she wants to give a rose to Rubina. She says’ Because they had poured water on me, I did not want to walk with them. Somewhere my heart has hurt ‘.

After this, Rubina Dilac says that in this house, I can build a dam of patience for myself, but when it comes to Abhinav, that patience is broken somewhere. Which he mentioned that I threw water on insulting my husband. Therefore I would like to give black roses to Rakhi ‘. After this, Devolina Bhattacharjee says that I would like to give black rose to Rubina, ‘whose antics have caused me a lot of trouble’. Nikki Tamboli gives a black rose to Ali and says that ‘I hoped that it would take my stand, but it has always done the opposite and made my heart hurt’. Rahul Vaidya gives a rose to Nikki and says, ‘Nikki has made heartbreaking things’.
After this there is a small dancer Gunjan’s entry. Gunjan gives performance on stage. Then ask the question, why do you guys fight so much? On this, Salman Khan says that if you go inside the house, neither will you get the problem. After this, the girl taints her beloved but tremendous questions on the family. Many times the family members seem to be silent on the question of the girl child.


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