‘Roohi’ FILM REVIEW: Adding sugar to chewing gum makes it sweet, not tasty

Film: Ruhi
Director: Hardik Mehta
Duration: 134 minutes
OTT: Netflix / Geo CinemaJust think, the real name of the film was ‘Rooh-Afza’. At first, it was thought that Rooh-Afja is already a popular name, but then if someone had feared a court case, the name was named ‘Roohi’. The main character in the film, ie the heroine (Jahnavi Kapoor-Janhvi Kapoor), also has two names – Roohi and the Bhootni that comes in it. Apparently there are two forms of heroine, then there will be two heroes with it – Rajkumar Rao and Varun Sharma. Rajkummar Rao and Afja’s lover are Varun Sharma in love with Ruhi. This love triangle is left somewhere in the middle and Ruhi runs away with the same after committing his life, in the name of that ghostly Afza.

At the beginning of the film, it is understood that what will be the fate of the film. A foreigner who speaks Hindi and is shooting the kidnapping industry of girls for marriage in a small town called Bagdpur. Rajkumar and Varun are the henchmen of a local goon and girls do kidnap work. In this affair, Roohi is kidnapped and kept in a place after taking him captive. Here it is revealed that a soul has come inside Ruhi to Afza. And here is the birth of love triangle. Rajkumar wants that Ruhi form to come and Afza runs away, while Varun wants only Afza to remain. In order to remove the shadow of Roo’s head, a tantric woman marries the prince to a bitch. Here Afja needs to get married within a year, then she gets ready to get married in the guise of Rajkumar and Varun’s boss. At the wedding, he knows about the dog’s wedding. Confusion occurs. Ruhi wants to get married and Afza too. Raita spreads. Ruhi leaves with Afza.

The legs of such a confusing story are turned like witches and the head is completely chopped off. Sometimes comedy, sometimes horror, sometimes modern, sometimes rude, sometimes custom, sometimes tantra-mantra, sometimes kidnapping, sometimes love story, sometimes a girl and ghostly love story and sometimes a message of female empowerment. The story was written by adding one ghost and hundred officers and in this round, the streak of any one story could not be caught. Several sub-plots were created by authors Mrigdeep Singh Lamba and Gautam Arora and in the end they tried to cover them. Since not a single plot was developed properly, the film collapsed. The producer of the film “Stree”, Dinesh Vision, may have made Roohi in the same tune but it is not fun in Roohi. The reason for this is the story and screenplay of the film. Both are weak in Ruhi.

Rajkumar and Varun are old players and both have done a great job. The scenes of their friendship are also tremendous. Jahnavi Kapoor impresses heavily in the roles of fear-mongering Roohi and the dread-horror Afza. If she continues to choose the right films and is ready to avoid the tag of a typical Hindi film heroine, then her future is bright. In the Thumka Beat competition, his spirit is set to come out, so he should stay away from that type of roles. The rest of the characters are fine, Manav Vij, playing the role of Guniya Bhai in a couple of scenes, has also settled down.

Now Bari Aati comes from the director of the film, Hardik Mehta. Hardik has been a student of Vikramaditya Motwane School of Film Making. His documentary ‘Amdavad Ma Famous’ was awarded the National Film Award and he won awards at several international film festivals as well. Before Ruhi, he made a very popular film titled “Kamaal” in which the bitter side of the life of the side actors of Hindi films The truth has been told. In Ruhi, he has thrown everything but the script of the film, Jism escaped. Some scenes show his imprint but if there is no soul then how will the film run. The film was first released in the theater. And then on Netflix recently. It did not go well for Hardik’s career. Cinematography is by Amalendu Chowdhury and the film’s visuals look very good because of his experience. The camera is not intimidating but comes along suddenly. The tax stands so you are shocked. The views of the old house are very beautiful.

The music of the film is like its screenplay, not a single song is attached to the soul of the film and neither touches the soul of the listener. Ketan Sodha’s background music and Sachin Jigar’s music do not fit well in the film. There is a song in the film “Let the Music Play” which is a remix version of the song of the band named Shamur. Shamur’s song was released 12 years ago and was still a big hit. The voice in this song is that of the Kiss Mel Singer, it is a mystery that is going on with the song itself.

Neither the film has a fragrance of comedy nor fear of horror. Ruhi’s spirit is his weak writing. By the way, in 1954, a film was released in Pakistan “Roohi”. This was the first film to be banned by the Pakistan Censor Board. This one was “Roohi”. In this film on economic inequalities, a middle-aged nobleman should be in love with a young man. Goes. There was enough reason to ban the film in Pakistan. In India too, a film called ‘Roohi’ was made in 1981, which was also a strange story. He too died at the box office. So you can watch half the film. You decide half before the interval or half before the interval.

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