Robert Trump’s death: Donald Trump’s brother dies, emotional Trump gives information

Robert Trump’s death: Donald Trump’s brother dies, emotional Trump gives information

Robert Trump's death: Donald Trump's younger brother dies, emotional Trump gives information

Hello friends Robert Trump, younger brother of US President Donald Trump, died in a hospital in Manhattan. He was 71 years old. Trump appeared very emotional, informing him of his demise. He described Robert as his brother and closest friend. President Trump went to the hospital on Friday 14 August to visit his younger brother, seriously ill, before traveling to New Jersey on the weekend.


Trump said in a tweet that he would be missed, but we will meet again. His memories will always be fresh in my heart. He said that Robert, I love you. May your soul rest in peace. Robert was very close from day one and his every happiness was also a companion of sorrow. He will always miss them. There was a very good bond between us.


Donald Trump's daughter expressed grief by tweeting:

Let me tell you that according to the New York Times, Robert suffered a brain hemorrhage after his fall. There was a leakage of blood in his brain. His condition was bad since last month. Apart from Trump, his daughter Ivanka also expressed deep grief over his demise. Trump’s daughter tweeted that Uncle Robert, we all love you very much. You are in our hearts and always will be.

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I met Robert the day before:

Let me tell you that Robert’s health was deteriorating since last month. He was admitted to a hospital in Manhattan where he breathed his last. Earlier in the day, Trump called Robert a businessman and real estate developer. “We had a very good relationship for a long time,” Trump said.


Robert was the youngest of four brothers and sisters:

Let me tell you that Robert is very close to Donald Trump. He filed a case on behalf of the Trump family to stop the publication of a relative’s book about his family. Robert, he was the youngest of President Trump’s four siblings. Robert was divorced from his first wife more than a decade ago. He married his female friend Mary Palan in March 2020.

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