‘Roberrt’ Film Review: When there is a famine of stories, films like ‘Robert’ are made

movie: Robert
Language: Kannada
Duration: 166 minutes
OTT: amazon prime video

If box office success is considered as a measure, then there is very little scope for any new story to come in the films. The hero of the film is initially shown to be a big gangster or goon, but he only fights against injustice and also opposes wrong things. Circumstances become such that he has to disappear from his city and go into exile. Then suddenly his past enters his present and starts spoiling his future. In such a situation, the hero comes in his original avatar and annihilates the goons and then starts living his life in peace. There was a mention of exile in the Mahabharata, since then this unknown place has come in the stories of Hindi films. In the Pandavas, Bhima has to work as a cook in the kitchen and in the Kannada film ‘Robert’, superstar Darshan also has to leave his goonda form of Robert and play the role of cook Raghavan.

Robert was promoted as an action thriller film, whereas like a normal masala film, the hero has all the 36 arts in it and every effort has been made to showcase that. There is nothing to understand in the story of the film, nor is its screenplay or script such that you feel any kind of novelty. The hero of the film is Darshan, who is as strong as Bhima and is as proficient in dance as Arjuna’s Brihanla form. Like Yudhishthira, he supports the truth and does not want to fight.

There are many jumbles in the story of the film. Hero goes from being a stylish gangster to a simple cook. The heroine who comes from abroad, roams around wearing foreign-style clothes and make-up, teaches new ways of management, gets fascinated by the hero’s indigenous ways and starts wearing sarees. Robert’s son does not ask where his mother is throughout the film. Robert is a Christian name but when he becomes Raghavan, he becomes Bajrang Bali in Ramlila. Why Ravi Kishan’s role was in the film, it is not understood. There are many things that come up in the film.

Darshan is a popular actor, his mistakes are often forgiven. The film focuses on him. He has done a good job in many places. He looks natural in action. His mountain-like body deceives in emotional scenes. The heroine is Asha Bhat, who was earlier seen in a Hindi film “Junglee” opposite Vidyut Jammwal. This is his first Kannada film. The work is little, it was kept for singing dance, that he has done well. Vinod Prabhakar has done a good job as a friend of the hero. Rest of the actors are right in their place. No one’s role or acting comes to the fore. A gay character has been inserted in the film. I do not understand the reason.

There were high expectations from director Tarun Sudhir. This is his second film. His first film “Chowka” was a confluence of 4 stories happening at different times and was a wonderful example of direction in itself. That film was highly appreciated and because of this it was expected that “Robert” would also be a similar film but it looked like a masala film. The story has also been written by Tarun himself, so the story has become very long. At least 30 minutes of film could have been cut.

The music is by Arjun Janya, who has successfully composed some of Darshan’s films in the past as well. There is a song named Jai Shri Ram in the film which comes during Ram Leela. The placement of the songs in the film was bizarre. The rest of the songs are romantic, a dance number and a theme song. The dance number “Baby Dance Floor Ready” may sound strange to the listeners of Hindi film music but well made. The song was shot on the lines of the English film Mad Max. In one of the songs, Darshan is seen on a throne of guns which has been stolen from the English serial ‘Game of Thrones’.

Robert’s weakness is the spread of the story and the editor making no effort to wrap up the story. In trying to explain each character, the length of the film kept on increasing. The flashback scenes were also way too long. They could have been shortened. Ravi Kishan’s action sequence could have been shorter. The style of the magical type of fight was not matching with the mood of the film, but the fans of Darshan might have enjoyed it. If you want to watch Kannada movie then you can watch it. There is a commercial film, art is also commercial. Do not try to find seriousness and purity in the story in this, you will get sad. If you intend to pass the time, then you can fast forward in between and watch.

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