Richa Chadha able to compete with Anil Kapoor of ‘Nayak’? Read ‘Madam Chief Minister’ review

-Dinesh Thakur

In earlier times, when the film was a crime against a heroine, she would become a bandit with a gun and a horse. The band of runners used to run, run and cheat, taunt and thrash. The era has changed. The films did not change much. The people of the film kept reciting the prayers of ‘Bhavna mana mein badal ki ho na’ (donor giving us so much power), the revenge dramas were also shown by changing names. ‘Madam Chief Minister Movie’ is the new drama of this episode. Do not make the mistake of considering it a political drama. What never happened in politics was shown in this film. The film specializes in imagining horses. Amitabh Bachchan became the Chief Minister in ‘Inquilab’ (1984), in a closed-door meeting and did the work of all the corrupt leaders of his party. ‘Madam Chief Minister’ has a similar scene of bloodshed. Here the crooks arrive to do the work of the MLAs loyal to the Chief Minister (Richa Chaddha) kept in ‘Badbandi’.

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Returned vintage items
You would not have seen such a future Chief Minister, who makes such a speech in the assembly – ‘I want to say to my young friends, I am a virgin, a sharp dagger, but I am yours.’ I remember that K.K. A similar song was filmed in Vishwanath’s Sangeet (1992) on Madhuri Dixit (in that film she was a gimmick) – ‘I am yours, virgin for you’. The Earth is round. Older items revolve around films. Subhash Kapoor, who created ‘Madam Chief Minister’, knew that due to the story of the Dalit Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, political mercury can rise. So, at the beginning, he showed Patti that the story is completely fictional. It has nothing to do with any living or dead person. Despite this, a section of politics in Uttar Pradesh has targeted the film.

Victimized Heroine
The story is that Dalit heroine (Richa Chadha) and people of her caste are being oppressed in Uttar Pradesh. While she was a librarian, the upper-caste students of the college demanded a copy of ‘Kamasutra’ from her. The biggest crime is that the upper caste student leader (Akash Oberoi) cheats on love. On being voiced for her rights, she is beaten up badly and reaches the shelter of an elderly leader (Saurabh Shukla). Specializes in politics and becomes chief minister. ‘Main iantakam loongi’ is his one-point agenda. She has to take revenge on the X-savvy student leader who distanced her from her by citing high-profile pregnancy. He has to take revenge on those political opponents who are plotting to remove him from his chair. Instead of performing the responsibilities of the Chief Minister to the public, he is interested only in teaching his opponents a lesson.

Surface thinking on politics and power
In one scene, Saurabh Shukla says- ‘The overbearing is the pride of power. Pride will break with our power, then it becomes clear how superficial thinkers are about politics and power. What can happen if the adversaries are killed? Cutting thorny trees will not help. Their seeds should be found. Most of the events of the film are far from sensations and emotions. Each character is drawn to Sheikhchilli type dialogues. Richa Chadha seems more like Chief Minister Kam, ‘Hunterwali’ or ‘Putlibai’ more when we talk loudly. Saurabh Shukla and Akash Oberoi give some relief in terms of acting. Manav Kaul’s character is extremely weak. He could not do anything special even after wishing.

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Initially the expectations were broken
Initially, when the heroine’s father is murdered by upper caste people and the grandmother tries to assassinate her for the fourth time as a girl, it was felt that the ‘Madam Chief Minister’ was opposed to issues like caste discrimination, female feticide. Will give, but nothing like this happens next. The film neither focusses on the issues of struggle and high-pitchedness of Dalits, nor is it sensitive towards the rise of a woman in politics. There is sometimes ‘blood-filled demand’, sometimes ‘rebuff’ and sometimes ‘injured woman’. The photography of this film with childish story is definitely good. The atmosphere of the villages and cities of Uttar Pradesh has emerged well on the screen. Like Subhash Kapoor’s previous films ‘Fuss Gaya Ray Obama’ and ‘Jolly LLB’, ‘Madam Chief Minister’ also did not have much scope for song and music. The ‘chir-chidi to uri-uri’ with unintelligible lyrics is pasted only for Khanapurti.

0 Film: Madam Chief Minister Movie
0 Rating: 2/5
0 duration: 2.04 hours
0 Writer, Director: Subhash Kapoor
0 Photography: Jayesh Nair
0 Music: Mangesh Dhakde
0 Artist: Richa Chadha, Manav Kaul, Saurabh Shukla, Akshay Oberoi, Nikhil Vijay, Shubrajyoti, Mukteshwar Ojha, Alok Sharad, Seema Modi etc.


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