REVIEW: This mysterious thriller ‘The Last Hour’ is like a cold in the bones

It is a little difficult to understand what has become special in the Amazon Prime Video web series “The Last Hour” with the arrival of retired actor Sanjay Kapoor, but people who want to watch the mysterious thriller web series , This web series has been made very good for them. ‘The Last Hour’ is named in English, but the whole story is in Hindi, settled in “Sikkim”, an untouched part of India. Sanjay Kapoor has been busy promoting this web series through interviews and statements for the last few days. He is playing one of the four main characters of the story, Arup, who has now been transferred from the Police Service of Mumbai to the Police Service of Sikkim. The second character is of his colleague Inspector Lipika (Shahana Goswami), the third major character is Arup’s daughter Pari (Shyali Krishna) and the most important character is Dev (Karma Tapaka) who is a shaman (talking to spirits) in this web series. Vala). Web Series: The Last Hour Season 1 Episodes: 8 Duration: 250 minutes OTT: Amazon Prime Video Arup arrives in Sikkim and gets a case of murder of an actress and her driver. The investigation begins, the case is not able to proceed because the reason for the murder is not understood. During the investigation, two policemen working under Arup shoot the brother of Dev’s brother with mitigation powers and the father of Dev’s friend Doma. Dev has mitigation powers through which he can watch the last hour scenes of the deceased with the help of the soul of the deceased. Dev reaches the spot and uses his quenching powers to tell Arup that his brother has been murdered by Arup’s fellow policemen. The matter heats up and Arup shoots his teammates. With the help of Dev’s powers, Arup realizes that a man named Yama Nadu is raping and killing girls in the city to take away Dev’s mitigation powers. Meanwhile, Dev meets Arup’s daughter Pari and falls in love with him. The whole story revolves between saving the powers of Dev from Yama Nadu and the love story of the fairy. In every episode, Dev tries to solve the murder mystery with the help of his powers and helps Arup. Yama Nadu kills the angel with his powers, and the only option left to Dev is to save the life of the angel with the help of his powers. By changing the events in his last hour. There are many reasons to watch this web series. One can see the beauty of Sikkim. Cinematographer Jayesh Nair has carved out the hills, the river, the winding pathways, the cabin built on the mountains and the cool scene in Sikkim’s Fiza. Dev’s archery scenes are very good shoots, small details such as the car passing through the mist of the mountains, the sight of a few vehicles on the paths at night, Jayesh has captured very well. Editing has been given to Peter Alderlaston and Annellet Medema. Peter has also previously edited an Indian web series called “The Forgotten Army”. A suspense web series in which mitigation, a bit of witchcraft and thriller have to be added, has kept its pace completely. Some episodes seem to be a bit lengthy but are necessary for the story to expand and to create an impression of suspense. Ginger Shankar of America has given tremendous music. Ginger herself plays the violin very well and has used the violin well to create an atmosphere of fear, suspense and choking bones in theme music. Talking about the story, such a long web series has never been imagined before. The “Asura” release on Voot was a bit loathsome and quotes Hindu beliefs along with the story of the human becoming an asura. The concept of mitigation is seen in the Red Indian tribes of America. This is the first time this has been done in any of the web series of India, so there is innovation. The story creeps a bit, so there is no emotional connection with any artist other than Karma, Shyali and Raima Sen. This is the second collaboration with director Amit Kumar and writer Anupama Minj, who had also written a film titled Monsoon Shootout with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in 2013. The story’s attempt to hide many secrets in the haze of Sikkim is very good. Although the story seems to be stuck in a loop in many places, the same event seems to happen again and again, while it is not so. The director has used the boat to take the soul to another world, it is very different… effective. In the last episode, when the secret is exposed, it becomes a bit weak, here the producer director of this web series needed to think again. The character of Sanjay Kapoor is very poor and he has not done anything special. He is not known for acting anyway. Shahana Goswami should be a bit more serious about her roles. His character is good but a good possibility has been lost due to only one bedroom scene. He should have given dimension to the character. Karma Tapaka is from Sikkim, and directs films along with acting. It seems that the author was able to play the role of Dev only after meeting him. Acted well but do not know when to see them next time. Karma has done diploma in direction and script writing from FTIY. In the role of Pari, Shyali is originally from Kashmir and she has learned a lot from the political upheaval of her life, which is also visible on her beautiful face. Such maturity is rarely seen at a young age. In a special character, Raima Sen, who has only 3 or 4 dialogues in the entire series, but his presence continues to influence the entire plot. Robin Tamang has been very influential in the role of Yama Nadu, her make-up is also very scary. If you do not have trouble with the speed, you can watch “The Last Hour”, although sitting for so long, you may not be able to watch all episodes binge, then watch it in installments. There are new types of web series and to promote this type of web series, it should be seen. There will be a possibility of further work on subjects like Murder, Suspense, Crime, Mystery, Super Natural.

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