Review: Sensation gives proof of being alive by putting red chillies in zero mind ‘Jai Bhim’

Jai Bhim Review: It is common for criminals to be beaten up in police lockups. When frustrated policemen do third degree torture to a criminal and he becomes unconscious due to inability to bear the torture, then the policemen put red chili powder in their eyes or nose to make sure that he is still alive or No. ‘Jai Bhim’ also does the same for those who ignore the injustice happening around them, only this powder shakes their mind. The account of the injustice done to the tribals is centuries old. Since time immemorial, the real residents of the country are always seen pleading in front of the upper caste contractors to prove their identity, their honor, and their status. Without asking, without investigation, with the help of the police, they are sent to jail for eternity where they are subjected to physical torture. Often these people die in jail, then they are thrown on the streets as unclaimed dead bodies and the police wash their hands of the whole episode.

Jai Bhim is the story of a lawyer who keeps fighting against the terror of the police and the inhuman treatment of the police. With his intellect, he throws himself to get justice for the pregnant wife of a tribal youth whose husband is shown locked up for several days on false charges of theft. Jai Bhim is a slap on the face of the society. While drinking beer in air-conditioned rooms and saying chicken, the defenders of five-star socialism have the courage to put their hands in the circles. Perhaps after seeing this, we can feel the nakedest form of truth. Or maybe, it may not happen to us or at best – this is the film. It happens a little.

This is also a form of politics. There are promises to remove poverty, uplift the poor. To bridge the gap between rich and poor. As soon as the time comes to fulfill the promise, programs for the good of the rich begin. To displace tribals on the pretext of cutting forests, setting up factories or industries. The saddest thing is, these tribals are not even considered as citizens because they do not have ration card, no Aadhar card, no voter card… and even bank passbook. A crime takes place in the city, the tribals living near the city are picked up by the police, falsely filed and imprisoned indefinitely. The miseries do not end here, the police, intoxicated by alcohol and power, take out all their anger and masculinity on these poor and helpless tribals. Many die in lock-up, women are raped and tortured so much that those tribals prefer to die. Jai Bhim brings to the fore the frightening nature of this bitter truth.

It is difficult to review a film. We are not used to seeing so much sorrow, so much bitterness, so much truth. Everything seems new in the beginning because we have never seen anything like this, it is difficult to imagine. Based on a large part of the life of Justice K Chandru, who was appointed to the Madras High Court by the President of India, Kalam Sahib, the film is horrifying. Chandru, who raised his voice against injustice by nature, first passed in the company of the Communist Party of India (M). Chandru, who went on an indefinite hunger strike for not getting hostels in the Law College, raised the voice of the tribals. A 1995 incident (on which the film is based) gave a new direction to Chandru’s life. As a lawyer, Chandru always fought human rights cases and because of his ability to find arguments and facts, hundreds of tribal and innocent people got justice. His decisions as a judge changed the lives of many people. The entire Madras High Court salutes Justice K Chandru as a true and honest lawyer and judge till date.

Superstar Suriya played the role of Chandru. Originally a commercial film actor, Suriya took the risk of making a film on the subject and playing the lead role in it. While the story of the film was being written or being filmed, Surya remained fluid and agitated throughout. For the education of tribal girls, for their upliftment, Surya has given crores of rupees from his earnings. Today’s audience’s information about Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar is minimal. He was not just the architect of the constitution, but a genius of the Mahar caste, whose life was spent only in collecting goods for the poor and tribals or lower castes. In this film influenced by his life philosophy, Surya has done wonders in the role of lawyer Chandru. In each of his scenes, the fire burning in his chest, the look of his eyes against the misbehavior of the police and the reverberating slogans, shake every spectator to the core. Desperate to find her husband, the role of Sangini is played by an extremely talented actress, Lijomol Hosse. It takes heart to play the character of a non-glamorous tribal woman in the film by making oneself ugly. Lizomol has maintained an ooze on her face even by becoming a pregnant woman. She gets beaten up by the police in the police lockup, but instead of breaking her intention, she gets stronger. The role of a conscientious police IG has come to Prakash Raj. Prakash is as strong a person as he is an actor. It felt comfortable for him to play the role. The most brutal role is that of SI Gurumurthy played by actor Tamil. Seeing his acting trembles. After playing the most disgusting face of the police, what would have happened to his personal state of mind, it is a matter to think about.

The real hero of this film is writer director TJ Gyanvel. He has put his life in every single scene. There is only one scene in the entire film. When public prosecutor General S. Ram Mohan (Rao Ramesh) arrives at the tea stall with Surya before the trial, with the intention of negotiating. Apart from this one scene, the truth keeps raining on our mind like acid. TJ Gyanvel had anticipated the film to be good but he did not imagine that the film would create a nationwide debate. Dr. Ambedkar’s learning reached the people and spread awareness among the audience, and probably now society will take cognizance of all these victims, the director’s wish has been fulfilled. Jai Bhim should be given the highest place in the category of social films. This orgy of the atrocities committed in the police lockup will probably wake up the common man and he will now be able to raise his voice for any religion.

Caste system is the misfortune of our world. To gain power, man has unsuccessfully tried to create a system by declaring someone upper and some lower caste. Despite thousands of years and education, in our country a person is recognized by his caste. Why is it a crime to be born in a lower caste? Why is it a crime to be poor or uneducated? Who is responsible for not recognizing your rights? To see Jai Bhim, an iron heart is needed. Put chilli in your eyes and watch to wake up your soul. Maybe there is a person left in some corner of the heart.

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