REVIEW: Crime Project Patrol hangover dominates web series ‘Project 9191’

Web Series: Project 9191
Season: 1
Episode: 7
OTT: Sony Live A web series was released on Sony Live recently ‘Project 9191’. Writer, producer, director is the team that makes ‘Crime Petrol’ for Sony Television. Despite his unwillingness, his hangover is so heavy on Project 9191 that many times it seems that crime petrol is going on and now Anoop Sony will come on the screen and say that the crime should be broken.

Project 9191 is an attempt to create a slightly futuristic web. In this, by listening to such things as artificial intelligence, computer algorithms, behavior prediction, crime prediction, an attempt has been made to imagine a future in which it is possible to predict its occurrence before the crime is committed. The original idea of ​​the web series “Person of Interest” directed by Jonathan Nolan, the younger brother of the famous film director Christopher Nolan, has been rendered Indian and has failed.

In Mumbai, a special police unit is formed with the help of computers to control all CCTV cameras in the city, read emails and social media messages on the Internet silently, predict people’s behavior. May go. The aim is to prevent all kinds of crime from happening. There is a single DCP in this task force / special unit, who does not get anything special from his commissioner. There is a corrupt type of inspector who specializes in jugaad. There is a duty inspector who finds favor with the way DCP works. There is also a single hacker who now works for the police. To maintain the balance of beauty, two female police personnel have also been placed.

The writing of 7 episodes written in a hurry seems like a computer crash. From any angle, not a single scene can keep you tied up while the writer Subbu is a well known TV writer and his writings have contributed to the crime petrol being hit. Have tried to give backstory to the characters, due to which the movement of the story gets interrupted. Some actors have not developed their character properly. It will probably be intended to focus on them in the next season. Although it does not seem that it should get another season.

A little better work has been done in the production than the common TV shows. However, in the last 2-3 seasons of CID, better computer graphics were used than this. A big irony of this show is that many foreign crime and cop shows based on technology are available on OTT platforms in India. On comparison, the production of Project 9191 proves to be very weak. When good foreign shows are present, it is not enough to be popular with Project 9191 in Hindi only. Most of the actors are seen on TV but none of the actors are strong. In the conflict between the DCP and the commissioner, the hurry shown by the commissioner to shut down the unit goes on in the movies but in the web series you do not want to believe him. The policemen are injured and return to work with less vigor in less than twenty four hours. These are small things, but trust does not arise in the story, so even the show cannot be trusted.

The writer and director is Subramanian S. Iyer, originally from Ahmedabad and the father of Crime Patrol. Subbu has a good experience of Crime Patrol, writing and directing about 1400 episodes. Created by Subbu, who served as a protégé of well-known director Kundan Shah, the crime show on crime, like Crime Patrol, was seen as an awareness campaign by the people and hence the show has many fans in the entire family. Sadly, these fans will reject Project 9191. Has written the dialogues by Chaudutt Acharya, who is a very active writer on television. An attempt has been made to bring everyday language and style. The police can create a drama by hitting dialogue or acting realistically. Actors and their dialogues aboard both boats pierced Project 9191.

Like the police number is 100 here, the number of police helpline in America is 911. It seems that Project 9191 was named to take advantage of this. Not a single American crime and coop show like it has neither production quality nor speed nor any single actor or character that people will remember. Each episode of this show is about 35 minutes and there are 7 such episodes. Save your 250 minutes and start watching any better show or film, this is your project 2021.

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