REVIEW: A good story has to be irrigated first, otherwise it becomes Parigettu Parigettu

REVIEW: Some films fall prey to the director’s thinking. Parigettu Parigettu is one such film. It must have been difficult for the director to decide how to end the story and save the negative shade hero from going to jail in the end. The premise of the film is very good story. A young man looking for a good job after studies is running his life by taking loans and only then the burden of raising money for his sister’s treatment comes. A scared middle class boy always wants to earn money by taking any wrong step because his father and his life’s struggle has taught him so much that if he wants to dream big then he will have to choose the wrong path. This thing has been shown many times in films, but every time we keep trying to understand the helplessness of the hero in it.

Parigettu Parigettu is the story of a young Ajay (Suriya Srinivas) whose girlfriend Priya (Amrita Acharya) is taken hostage by David Bhai (Yogi). Ajay seeks help from another criminal Abdul Bhai (Jaychandra). Abdul asks her to take the drugs and deliver them somewhere. 10 lakh for David and 15 lakh for sister’s treatment, in this way Ajay accepts this deal for 25 lakh rupees. Can Ajay evade the police and deliver the drugs? Can Amrita be saved from David’s clutches? The answers to these questions will be found in this thriller film Parigettu Parigettu.

This is the first film of the film’s writer-director Ramakrishna Thota. This is the first film of the film’s hero Surya Srinivas. This is the first film of the film’s heroine Amrita Acharya. This is the first film of producer A Yamini Krishna. This is also the first film of cinematographer Kalyan Sami. So the film is a bit undercooked and pulled like a wire. Had D Venkat Prabhu who is the editor of this film edited the sequences of this film properly, then perhaps time could have been saved and the thrill parts of the film could have been more fun. If there is a weakness in the story, it can be hidden by editing.
Hero does not do a job but gets a loan of lakhs. He is an educated hero, and the goons take away his girlfriend in front of him and he keeps watching. An unknown goon agrees to pay him Rs 25 lakh for carrying drugs but the fear does not show on Hero’s face. The goon is cruel but why is his disciple a comedian? How can a heroine escape from the clutches of a goon so easily? How does she run away and take a lift in the car of a corrupt policeman? How does the heroine escape so easily with the hero of stealing the keys of the police station car? All these questions would not have arisen if these scenes were cut in editing.

The plot of the film is interesting. Such a film has also come for the first time but this film has become loose and hence the interest of the viewers keeps on coming. Songs have also been kept in the film, which had to be discarded. The item number was kept so that the image of the villain was to be made. Parigettu Parigettu means to run. A song has also been composed on the same theme which is discordant and doesn’t seem to have any synergy with the film. There is a dearth of professional stunts. Director Ramakrishna is also seen acting in this film but he is a very bad actor. It is difficult to decide whether this film is worth watching or not but a good story has been sacrificed.

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