Remove unwanted hair on your face like this forever

Remove unwanted hairs on your face like this forever

Unwanted hair on the face affects your beauty. Because he looks like a mustache above the lips. So sometimes some hairs are seen on the cheeks as well. In such a situation, today we will tell you some home remedies. With the help of which you can remove unwanted hair visible on the face.

Often girls resort to waxing or threading to remove unwanted hair. But then after some time these hairs come back. But then after a few days these hairs come back again. This hair is sometimes seen in the beard under the lips. Therefore, you can also prepare some natural herbs. So that this hair stops coming forever.

To remove unwanted facial hair, you can prepare the boil at home. For this, make a paste by mixing sandalwood powder, orange peel powder, green moong powder and rose water and lemon juice all together. Apply it on the face and leave it on for 15 minutes. After this, when it dries, move the fingers slowly over the face and remove the zipper. This will remove unwanted hair.

To prepare lemon juice at home, take lemon juice, 500 grams of sugar. Now mix the sugar with lemon juice and heat it in a pot until the paste starts to thicken. Now remove the juice from the flame and add glycerin. You can remove this mixture by applying a bandage over the lips to remove unwanted hairs.

You can also scrub oats and fennel to remove unwanted hair. For this, take powder of raw milk, some seeds of nigella seeds, honey and oats. To make it scrub, soak the nigella seeds in milk for 10 minutes. After this, when the seeds of nigella seeds become soft, then make a paste by mixing oats powder and honey in it and apply this paste on your face. When it dries, remove it by scrubbing it lightly. Doing this once or twice a week will remove unwanted hair from your face.

We have told you this solution based on general information. If you have any kind of trouble or problem. So you can also consult a doctor.


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