Relief for pneumonia patients: Health Minister launches India’s first fully indigenous pneumococcal vaccine, prices will be lower than previous vaccines

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Pune’s Serum Institute of India (CII) launched India’s first indigenously developed pneumococcal vaccine Pneumosil by Union Health Minister Ki Harshavardhan. In terms of quantity, CII, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, informed on Monday that Pneumosil, a fully indigenous vaccine, is being launched.

Pneumosil has been developed through a decade of collaboration between the Serum Institute, PATH and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is considered an important milestone that will improve the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine strength and enable sustainable access to low and middle income countries. The vaccine will provide children with effective and long-lasting protection against pneumococcal diseases (pneumonia). Speaking on the occasion, Harsh Vardhan said that this is an important milestone for the country’s public health care, which will ensure that children are better protected from pneumococcal disease with an affordable and high quality vaccine (vaccine). To be saved.

Regarding the launch of Pneumosil, Serum Institute CEO Adar Poonawala said, over the years our continued effort has been to provide high quality vaccines with regular supplies, ensuring excellent immunity coverage for children and families worldwide. He said that it is an ideal option to protect children from pneumococcal disease.

Adar Poonawala said that because of this disease, children under the age of five remain at risk worldwide. In 2018, 67,800 children died under the age of five due to this. This vaccine will be effective in saving such children. The Serum Institute is the pharmaceutical company that is testing and producing the Oxford-AstraZeneca Kovid-19 vaccine in India.


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