Regular consumption of fish two days a week may reduce the risk of stroke – Research

Fish protect brain health: We all know that the consumption of fish is very good for health, but do you know that regular consumption of fish plays an important role in keeping the brain healthy. Yes, a recent study has claimed that regular consumption of fish keeps away diseases related to the brain (Cerebrovascular disease, or vascular brain disease). medical news today Cerebrovascular disease is a disease in which the blood vessels leading to the brain become blocked. This affects the blood circulation in the brain. In this condition, stroke or other complications in the brain increase. But if fish is consumed even two days a week, then the risk of stroke can be greatly reduced. It has been said in the study that one in five deaths in America is due to lack of blood to the brain. While this is also the second largest cause of death in the world.

less brain complications
Recently, two studies have proved that regular consumption of fish reduces the risk of diseases related to brain complications. One study found that people who consumed more fish had fewer symptoms of stroke, while another study found that fish consumption significantly reduced the risk of vascular brain damage, but those who consumed a lot of fish. Reduced or not done, cerebrovascular disease caused more complications. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids present in fish prove to be very beneficial for cerebrovascular health.

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Very easy way to keep the mind fit
The study found that people who consumed fish twice or more times a week had much less risk of brain-related complications. Dr. Cecilia Samieri, senior researcher at the University of Bordeaux in France and lead author of the study, said that our findings are going to be very effective because it is a very simple way to keep the brain healthy. Is. If you consume fish even two days a week, then you can avoid the risk of brain stroke. This is even more important for older people because at this age the attack of dementia starts becoming more, which is a big problem for elderly people.

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