Recommendation of additional doses of corona vaccine to those with weak immune systems

WHO experts recommend additional COVID-19 doses for people with weakened immune systems. According to experts, governments “may also consider a different vaccine keeping in mind the supply and availability of the vaccine”.

New Delhi. After the corona virus epidemic, new information has often been coming out about the Kovid vaccine made in a very fast record time. Now experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) have recommended that people who have a weakened immune system should be given additional doses of the corona vaccine.

According to the latest information, the World Health Organization’s vaccine advisors on Monday recommended that people with weakened immune systems should be given an additional dose of all authorized vaccines for Kovid-19.

The United Nations Health Agency’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) also said that all elderly people over the age of 60 who have been fully immunized with China’s Sinovac and Sinoform vaccines will be given the third Kovid- 19 Additional doses of the vaccine should be given.

Experts stressed that they are not recommending an additional so-called booster dose for the population at large. Several COVID-19 vaccines have been given WHO approval for emergency use during the pandemic. These include Pfizer-BioNtech, Janssen, Moderna, SinoPharm, Sinovac and AstraZeneca.

However, experts are on the verge of deciding whether India’s Bharat Biotech vaccine should be included in the emergency use list.

SAGE held a four-day meeting last week to review the latest information and data on a range of vaccines for COVID-19 and other diseases.

The group said, “SAGE recommends that moderately and severely immunized individuals be given an additional dose of all WHO EUL (Emergency Use List) COVID-19 vaccines as an additional part of the primary series (ie, full immunization). should be offered.”

“Such individuals are less likely to respond adequately to this new vaccination following the standard primary vaccine series and are at high risk of severe COVID-19 disease,” the group added.

It also said that for people fully immunized with Sinovac and Sinoform vaccines, an additional third dose of the same jab “should be given to persons 60 years of age and older”. “A separate vaccine may also be considered keeping in view the supply and availability of the vaccine”.

SAGE said that when implementing this recommendation, countries should initially aim to maximize two-dose coverage in that population, and then apply a third dose to those in the highest age group.


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