Realme’s high jump, became the second smartphone brand in India

Reality has achieved a big position. Realme has announced that it has become the number two smartphone brand in India. In October 2021, the market share of Reality has reached the highest 18 percent in the last two years. Reality has also made a tweet about this. Realme has said this by quoting the Counterpoint India Smartphone Monthly Modal Tracker October 2021.

Number 1 brand on Flipkart
Realme has done well in online channels. Realme has become the number 1 brand on Flipkart with a market share of 52 per cent. Also, it was among the top 2 online smartphone brands with a market share of 27 per cent. In October this year, India’s smartphone industry has seen a slow growth in smartphone shipments. According to Realme, this year the company has sold 93 lakh units of smartphones, AIOT and Techline products in the festive season. It has seen a growth of 40 percent on a yearly basis. The sales of the recently launched Realme GT series have been 300K. At the same time, the sales of Reality Narzo series stood at 14 lakh units.

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Such was the condition of Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo
Chinese company Xiaomi has been at number 1 in the Indian market in October this year with a market share of 20 percent. According to the tweet of Reality, the data of Xiaomi also includes the figures of independent brand Poco. Poco has a market share of 2.7 percent. At the same time, Samsung has been at number three with a market share of 16 percent. Whereas Vivo’s market share has been 13 percent. In October 2021, Oppo ranked fifth in the Indian market with 10 percent market share.

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