Re-counting of Georgia in US province, Joe Biden’s victory sealed, fear of manipulation wrong

Joe Biden became the first Democrat candidate after three decades to win from Georgia.


US Presidential Elections (US Presidential Elections) Democrats Candidate in Georgia Province Re-Counting Joe Biden ‘S victory is stamped again. On Thursday, officials said that Joe Biden won in the manually re-counted presidential election.

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“The audit has confirmed that the machine’s original ballot count accurately portrayed the winner of the election,” said a statement on the website of Georgia’s state secretary Brad Raphensparger.

Trump again refuses to accept defeat from Biden, claims victory

The incumbent President Donald Trump alleged fraud in the counting of votes. After this, orders for counting of votes were ordered again. This confirmation of the election results in the southern state of the country set a new record for Joe Biden. After three decades, Biden became the first Democrat candidate to have won here.

Almost a week after the US election results came, China congratulated Joe Biden


US President Donald Trump on Wednesday once again claimed that he had won the election on November 3. Trump also reiterated allegations of rigging in elections across America. Trump tweeted in big letters, “I won the election.” Election fraud was done across the country. ”He also tagged a New York Times tweet with a map of the United States stating that he had received 1.01 crore more votes than the previous election, including those in Hispanic majority areas. Huh.

Video – Indians in the US who are happy with Biden’s victory


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