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Digital Desk, Bhopal. “Success doesn’t come only to those who wish to be successful, success is always to those who want to go ahead and achieve them.” This quote is not for those who do not want to leave the life of comfort and get out, but it is applicable to those who keep trying continuously.

Following the same lines, IT and tech savvy double masters degree holder from the city of Patna, Bihar had started a remarkable journey in the field of digital marketing, but today he will reach this point. He would not have thought that some Years later, he will be an inspiration to the youth who aspire to make a career in digital content curation.

The said person is none other than the famous digital marketer Rohit Mehta, who excels as a blogger and is an eminent IT expert, who played many important roles while sharing his knowledge with the world with his enlightening e-books. Huh.

Having worked in the IT industry for a period of over a decade, Rohit Mehta has distinguished himself as a tech blogger who shares technical knowledge with his readers that helps them become better. does.

Rohit, who has done his book in both Hindi and English languages, has proved that digital marketing is not only for those who know English. You can learn it by studying in Hindi also and can make your career. His most popular book is ’15 Proven Secrets of Internet Traffic Mastery’, in which he has given 15 best ways to bring traffic (readers) to your online business or blog.

Today, Rohit Mehta Digital Gabbar Named is the founding editor of India’s largest digital content platform, a groundbreaking vision led by a group of digital enthusiasts.

In a conversation with Rohit on his various activities in life, he says, “Like every other man, I too was new to the world of the Internet when I entered it. From the very beginning I wanted to learn and share something new. inspired me to start my career in blogging, since then I have not looked back, with each new dawn the desire got stronger, Digital Gabbar Started many blogs/websites before starting but didn’t get kick”.

“Digital Gabbar is not just a dream project but a way to connect with our readers which is beyond any limits. We share updated information on Blogging, Affiliate related tips and tricks like : Marketing, SEO, Dropshipping , Social Media, Online Money Making, Guides, Tutorials and much more.

Having led a remarkable career in the field of Digital Marketing, the team at Digital Gabbar is looking to launch a series of interviews with popular Digital Marketers, Bloggers, YouTubers, Entrepreneurs to show them a glimpse into the future of Digital India. Can you The inspiration we get from life stories will hardly be found from any other work.

Major Contributions of Rohit Mehta

Today visionary Rohit Mehta shares many guides and tips in Digital Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate, SEO, Dropshipping, Social Media, Online Money Making etc. to his readers absolutely free of cost on Digital Gabbar.

Along with this, he also shares free advice to new entrepreneurs through his social media account. With @bloggermehta you can contact him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Gabbar Rohit’s target

According to his blog Digital Gabbar, Rohit says that his goal is not only to share information, but also to get the youth of Digital India to implement it. So that in the coming few years, India’s young generation will not work with anyone in the field of digital. This is the reason that he has started Digital Gabbar in both Hindi and English languages ​​simultaneously.

https://www.digitalgabbar.com/ and https://www.digitalgabbar.in/ are Rohit’s blogs in English and Hindi respectively.

As well as Rohit Mehta for promoting youth and start-ups like himself. Indian Gabbar A site has been started by the name of Digital Gabbar is addressing all the entrepreneurs and startups as Indian gabbar and sharing their article absolutely free.

Any interested person or organization can contact Indian Gabbar to publish their story.


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