Rashmi Rocket Review: ‘Rashmi Rocket’ is not a complete film

Review: Akarsh, the son of actor Akash Khurana, a renowned writer from the Mahesh Bhatt camp, has done a great job in writing and directing entertaining films and web series over the years. The first film Caravan (Irrfan, Dulquer Salmaan, and Mithila Parkar) directed by him was a very good road trip film. The much talked about film ‘Rashmi Rocket’ directed by him on Zee 5 has been released recently. Although Taapsee Pannu is trolled by internet trolls throughout the day, she was trolled even more for her ‘manly’ look when the trailer of this film was released. Well done in a way because the original purpose of the film was to raise voice against gender test in sports. The film is a family and entertaining film. Efforts should be made that girls interested in sports should get to see this film so that its message reaches all of them. The film is accurate and interesting too. If you ignore some formulaic things, then the film touches deep inside.

Taapsee Pannu needed a film where she could leave her image and do something else. In this film, she has tried her best that she can bring some innovation, but she is not a trained actress, so her ‘I’ is seen in the film. The story is of Rashmi, a girl from Bhuj who runs at the speed of a rocket. That’s why it is called rocket. Before the earthquake of Bhuj, his father teaches him that victory or defeat does not matter, you participate, it is important. The formula is there but it is correct. Childhood Rashmi turns straight into a young man and drinks wine with a senior officer from the Army camp in Bhuj, where she meets Captain Gagan Thakur (Priyanshu), an army track and field coach. As the formula goes, a rocket race, an army man’s run to save his life, a sexy little dance in the village, the captain and Rashmi fall in love. The captain sends her to a running competition where Rashmi breaks many records on the way and becomes a victim of jealousy of the Indian team’s selector’s daughter. Rashmi is accused that she is not a girl but a boy. There is a gender test, there is an outcry in the media and Rashmi is banned by the association. Ishit Desai (Abhishek Banerjee) plays the role of a lawyer and fights Rashmi’s case and then the film becomes a courtroom drama. Rashmi becomes pregnant in the middle of the case. Whether Rashmi is able to win the case by cutting this web of gender test, watch the film to see.

Taapsee Pannu has worked very hard for this role. He has done his body physically. A sprinter-like body has been built. Taapsee has not taken any mental inspiration from anywhere in the film nor has she tried to understand this character. It was not so that Taapsee can play this character, but it does not appear that Taapsee has given this character something special from her side. Tamil film director Nanda Periyasamy has written the story of this film. Some female athletes have more than the desired amount of the male hormone ‘testosterone’. Based on this, such athletes are banned. Such an anecdote has happened with Duteichand of our country. There have been many sportspersons around the world whose Olympic medals were even snatched because male hormones were found in their bodies. Rashmi’s story is also of one such athlete. Taapsee had achieved this ‘hyper androgenism’ look with body and make-up, but her hot mood was like all her earlier films.

Her husband and part time coach Priyanshu has done a great job in the film. He seems to be an army man, a lover, and a sharp person too. The audience has seen Priyanshu in the role of Robin aka Radheshyam in Mirzapur. There is a lot of potential in Priyanshu among the new actors. At the same time, in the role of lawyer, Abhishek Banerjee has once again proved that he is not only a good casting director but also a great actor. In the court, he starts fighting the case in the film style itself. Here the director again turns to the formula and the cross-examination between the side’s lawyer and the public prosecutor turns into a bit of comedy. As the coach of the association, Mantra has acted very well. There should not be any political pressure in the game, but the minister knows that this pressure will come, that is why he speaks very sparingly in the whole episode. The best role is played by Supriya Pathak. The character of Bhanuben, mother of Rashmi Veera (Taapsee Pannu) has been crafted so well that viewers can see different dimensions of Supriya Pathak’s character. In one scene, she takes strong action against the village boy who raises his hand on his wife and the women of the entire village swear to do neither household nor business work with him. In this scene Supriya Pathak gives proof of her being a strong actor.

Anirudh Guha, grandson of renowned filmmaker Dulal Guha, who is also a film critic and now a film and web series writer, is the screenwriter of the film. After studying the story of male hormones in women, he has written the script of this film along with Kanika Dhillon. Being a knowledgeable writer and a good film critic, his script was tight. Music is by Amit Trivedi. Due to the release on OTT, the promotion of songs is now negligible. There are 4 songs in total and all four are good. Ghani Kool Chhori (Bhumi Trivedi) is a good dance garba according to humming. A motivational song ‘Zidd’ sounds a bit raucous but while training in the film, this song fills a different spirit. Neha Parti Matiani, who has taken a course in cinematography from FTII, has slightly reduced the impact of the dramatization of the film by not using any special shots or great angles in Rashmi Rocket. Cinematography like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag in sports drama films was not seen in this film.

There are flaws in Rashmi Rocket’s script. Rashmi Rocket is the sports drama Roor Phir Phir Courtroom drama in the first part. In Rashmi Rocket, Taapsee Pannu has done a good but very fixed type of performance. The screenplay of Rashmi Rocket is long. The film should have been shortened a bit. Despite all this, the film is good. You can sit and watch with the whole family. There is no abuse or nudity. Watch it like a motivational film so that if you come to fight against the system, then you have some idea in advance. When Rashmi Rocket ends, it seems that something else should have happened but it does not happen. This incomplete film could have been a little better. Thanks to director Akarsh Khurana for making a film on this sensitive and quirky subject.

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