Rajasthan: 12 students sentenced to life imprisonment in seven-year-old terrorism related case

Digital Desk, Jaipur. The Jaipur district court on Tuesday convicted 12 of the 13 engineering students arrested in extremist activities seven years ago. The court sentenced the accused to life imprisonment. They are all members of SIMI. Also, one of the accused, Jodhpur resident Mashraf Iqbal son Chhotu Khan, has been acquitted.

The case was registered by the ATS on March 28, 2014. All of them were arrested by the ATS and SOG on charges of working for the extremist organization Indian Mujahideen. Of the 12 accused named as terrorists, one belongs to Bihar, one to Jaipur, one to Pali, three to Jodhpur and 6 to Sikar. They were all engineering students. They were accused that these banned organizations are associated with SIMI and are engaged in activities like making bombs to carry out terrorist activities in Rajasthan.

The court called them terrorists

  1. Mohammad Ammar Yasar son Mohammad Feroz Khan, age 22, resident Qazi Mohalla Sherghati, Gaya (Bihar)
  2. Mohammad Sajjad Putra Iqbal Chauhan (32), Near Anjum School, Mohalla Qureshiyan, Sikar
  3. Mohammad Aqib son Ashfaq Bhati (22), Mohalla Zamidaran Ward 13, Sikar
  4. Mohammed Omar son Dr. Mohammed Ilyas (18), Zamidaran Ward 2, Sikar
  5. Abdul Wahid Gauri son Mohammed Rafiq (26), Mohalla Qureshiyan, Ward 31, Sikar
  6. Mohammad Waqar son Abdul Sattar (22), Mohalla Roshanganj, Ward 13, Sikar
  7. Abdul Majid alias Addas son Asrar Ahmed (21), Mohalla Zamidaran Ward 12, Sikar
  8. Mohammad Maruf Putra Farooq Engineer, D 105, Sanjay Nagar, Jhotwara, Jaipur
  9. Waqar Azhar son Mohammad Taslim Raza, 20 old bungalow locality, Pali
  10. Barkat Ali Putra Liaquat Ali (28), House No 8, Haji Street, Shantipriya Nagar, Jodhpur
  11. Mohammad Saqib Ansari son Mohammad Aslam (25), A45, Barkatulla Colony, Jodhpur
  12. Ashraf Ali Khan son Sabir Ali (40), 653, Lykan Mohalla, Jodhpur

The bomb blast was raked in Jaipur
In 2011, Mohammed Waqas, arrested in Delhi, and others including Yasin Bhatkal, had given training in bomb making in Jaipur, after which in 2014, he was arrested from a rented house in Pratap Nagar and Sikar in Jaipur. They were alleged to have committed Reiki for the bomb blasts in Jaipur and many other places, but before that they were arrested on the basis of inputs from Delhi. In this case, the trial was going on in the court for seven years, in this case, 175 witnesses and 506 documents were presented in the Evidence Court by the prosecution.

The ATS had also claimed that Omar, a relative of Maruf who was arrested from Jaipur for activating SIMI’s sleeper cell, had connected these youths to the organization through internet. After this, these youth became active and got involved in terrorist activities. The ATS and SOG apprehended these 13 youths associated with the sleeper cell before they could carry out any conspiracy. In this case, the trial was going on in the court for the last seven years. In this case, the prosecution produced 178 witnesses and 506 documentaries in the Evidence Court.

Were found guilty in these cases
These terrorists have been found guilty in cases such as buying SIMs from fake documents, raising funds in the name of Jihad, giving shelter to terrorists and performing Reiki for bombings. It is also revealed that they were also shocked by the police firing in Gopalgarh. ATS recovered laptops, phones, pen drives, books, documents and electronic items from them. On the information of Delhi ATS, Rajasthan ATS had registered an FIR in this case on 28 March 2014.


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